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Friday Flashback: The Amazing Race’s worst pit stop


Back in 2010 The Amazing Race (USA) finished one of its legs in Accra in Ghana, which was quite the culture shock for its participants.

At one point some were subjected to begging by the locals, thrusting a hand in a cab window, grateful for any any small change. Most teams declined.

When “Home Shopping hosts” Brooke and Claire got to the pit stop in a busy local market first, host Phil Keoghan announced their prize.

They won a 10 day trip to Hawaii, 5 nights at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel in Oahu, spa treatments, dinner and a luau followed by 5 nights at another resort with a helicopter tour of the coast.

The Ghanaian locals looked on as the pair squealed in excitement but alas Phil had no more spa treatments or helicopter rides up his sleeve.


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