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how much is it worth?


RARE coins are nearly always worth more than their face value – and you might not even realise there’s one in your pocket.

The Royal Mint produced a series of Olympic 50p coins in 2011, including the Tennis 50p piece – here’s what you can expect to get for it if you have one.

The coin features the upper half of a tennis net and flying tennis ball


The coin features the upper half of a tennis net and flying tennis ball
Sellers are listing Tennis 50ps on eBay to make more than the face value of the coin


Sellers are listing Tennis 50ps on eBay to make more than the face value of the coin

In total, there were 29 commemorative 50p coins created to celebrate the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games being held in Britain.

Each coin depicts a different sport, from gymnastics to sailing, and some are now classed as being among the rarest 50p coins in circulation.

The Tennis 50p is just one of the commemorative coins released in 2011, ahead of the games.

It’s the fifth rarest Olympic 50p, according to The Coin Expert.

The coin features a tennis net and flying ball, and was created by Tracey Baines, a sculptor and jewellery designer.

How rare is the Tennis 50p?

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A total of 1,454,000 Tennis 50p coins are in circulation, according to Change Checker.

This is in comparison to 200million regular 50p coins in circulation.

As such, Change Checker gives the coin a scarcity index rating of 63, meaning it is at the rarer end of the spectrum – though considerably behind others such as the Wrestling 50p.

How much is the Tennis 50p worth?

The rarer a coin is, the more likely it is to make you some money.

Sellers have taken to eBay to list their Tennis 50p for more than its face value.

On average, you can expect this coin to be listed for around £2.50.

We saw one sold for £2.71 which piqued the interest of five bidders and started a small bidding war.

The coin was originally listed for 99p and the bidders forced up the price over the seven days of auction.

This means the coin made more than five times its original value.

It’s worth noting, however, that some buyers can pull out of sales, meaning an item may not always have actually sold for what it appears to have.

If you’re thinking of selling your shrapnel online, you can check how much it’s worth with experts like Coin Hunter first, or use Change Checker’s scarcity index to discover whether it’s a rare one.

It may also be worth checking what other sellers are listing the same coin for on eBay.

Or if you’re looking to buy a coin online to add to your collection, make sure to watch out for fakes.

Aside from the Olympic edition coins, here are the most rare and valuable 50p coins in circulation.

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Fans of Beatrix Potter may want to keep their eyes peeled for commemorative coins featuring her character illustrations, like this Jeremy Fisher 50p.

And 50ps aren’t the only denomination that could make you some cash – we reveal the rarest 2p coins in circulation and one is worth £900.

Rare coins and valuable notes – is yours worth a mint?

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