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Does Australian rugby really have no x-factor?


in the past week, both Justin Marshall and legend Sir John Kirwan expressed that that Australia doesn’t have the depth to field two teams and does not possess X factor.

These comments can be looked at from both sides.

Firstly, there is an argument that the depth is not there, however, building a base is important and I believe RA are doing the right thing.

I don’t expect many wins over the Kiwi sides for Australian franchises, but I am impressed with the Reds and Brumbies and maybe the Force. The Waratahs can pull of an upset here and there, as they are building.

In relation to X-Factor, I tend to agree, although I believe we have some of it.

Some time ago, stats and size, took over sheer footy awareness. Campo stated a few years ago, that he wouldn’t make the Wallabies as he was too unstructured for the modern game.


I believe we do have those skills.

Andy Muirhead, I would love to see in a Wallabies jersey at some stage, just to see a bloke with magic skills, but small in stature, do something more with a spine that can have vision.

The other side of the X-Factor, are the 7s.

The skill level is there. Look at Lee Warner, yes, he’s had to bulk up, but his work rate is huge, again, mix him with the top tier, can he work?

The last one is Longbottom, he was too small for league and found rugby.

Some years ago, the 15s played some 7s, why not reverse it?

I think large players and stats is what organisations are looking at, but game awareness will win over. Not many – one or two – but it’s worth a crack.

South Africa, who are forward and size dominated, have embraced it, why not the Wallabies?

Again Roarers, I’m sure you’ll rip it down, but I’m thick skinned.


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