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More Asked Questions About Lip Injections


If you know anything about the beauty industry, you will be very familiar with hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is used in most facial products as we know it is a charm for the skin.

However, this can be used for lips as well. Therefore, hyaluronic acid can be considered a star in the cosmetic world. Hyaluronic acid is used in lip fillers as it helps to achieve good volume and forms perfect lips.

Lip fillers is a cosmetic treatment very popular for women over 40s. If you are trying to have bigger lips or have lost the plump of your lips due to aging, lip fillers will do the magic for you. Read our complete article about lip fillers if you are trying to get lip fillers and have the perfect pout.

This write-up will help you find the answers to all the majorly raised questions about lip fillers.

What Is The Procedure Done In Lip Filler Treatment?

This is a very quick procedure that will not take much of your time.

  • It gets started with cream being applied to the lip region. The anesthesia is given to make the lips numb not to feel pain during the treatment.
  • After 10 to 15 minutes, the lips are cleaned, and the lip area is iced to reduce any swelling or bruise on the lips.
  • Then comes the primary step, the doctor injects the lip fillers using a thin needle. Since you had anesthesia, you will not feel any pain; at times, you might feel a sting when the filler is injected.
  • When the desired shape is reached, the doctor gently massages the region to promote product integration. This whole process will just take about 25 to 35 minutes. You will have no pain and zero cuts after the treatment.

Who Is Eligible For Getting Lip Fillers?

The lip fillers or lip augmentation is perfect for people with thin lips who want to increase their lip size. Lip filler plumps up your lips and corrects the contour of the lip line. 

Even if you have wrinkles on the upper lip, the lip fillers will help you get rid of them and improve your smile. However, you need to consult a specialist or a doctor before the process.

Other natural substances can also be applied around the lips to enhance the lower third area.

On the consultation day, you can discuss the expectations and goals to achieve. The doctor will clearly explain the process and the possible outcome. 

Can I use botox as a lip filler?

Botox should never be injected into the lips! This is not the function of this substance.

By injecting the botulinum toxin near the wrinkles, the facial muscles in the area temporarily relax, and the wrinkle disappears or attenuates. This restores the face´s natural expression and youth.

So, botox is used as an anti-wrinkle, neves as a lip filler. Only hyaluronic acid can be used in lip augmentation procedures.

How Long Do The Lip Fillers Last?

This is a temporary treatment that does not last forever. The hyaluronic acid-based fillers will last up to 16 to 18 months. On average, it lasts for only 12 months, says a study performed in the USA. This depends on the individuals because body metabolism varies from person to person.

If your profession or personality makes you speak a lot or you have a lot of lip movement, then it fades away faster. Also, if you have more fillers initially, the results will last longer.

Can I Take Lip Fillers If I Still Have Previous Fillers?

If you have any fillers left in your lips, they will be removed before injecting any new filler. If you have already used hyaluronic-based fillers, they can be easily removed using hyaluronidase. 

The doctor always makes sure that there is no product left on the border of the lips before getting any new fillers. 

How Long Will It Take To Recover From The Procedure?

 The recovery period is less when compared to other surgical methods in the plastic surgery field. Post-surgery you will notice a little bit of bruising and swelling near the injected region. You have to be very gentle with your lips for a couple of weeks.

Do not use aspirin and ibuprofen; instead, try Arnica for bruising and an ice pack to reduce swelling. 

Is Aftercare Important Post-Surgery?

Aftercare is essential to do. It is completely fine if you notice swelling and bruising for 2 weeks after the surgery. “Do not panic.”

Use an ice pack on the lips constantly for the first 2 weeks to reduce the swelling and soreness on the lips. After that, follow the simple guide given by the doctor without fail. The guide will include the medications, massages, dos and don’ts post-surgery.

Additionally, do not go under direct sunlight and saunas for at least 2 weeks post-treatment.



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