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MLB, players resume talks five days after openers cancelled


NEW YORK — Major League Baseball and its locked-out players resumed negotiations on Sunday, five days after Commissioner Rob Manfred cancelled opening day on March 31.

Deputy Commissioner Dan Halem and Executive Vice President Morgan Sword arrived at the midtown Manhattan office of the players’ association shortly before noon for the first face-to-face session since talks broke off Tuesday in Jupiter, Florida. Baseball’s ninth work stoppage had become its second-longest and was in its 95th day.

While the sides made progress during nine straight days of bargaining, including 16 1/2 hours of talks that started Monday, they remained far apart on the key issues of luxury tax, minimum salary and the size of the new bonus pool for pre-arbitration-eligible players.

This was just the 16th day of economic negotiations since the lockout started Dec. 2.

Manfred cancelled the first two series of each team, saying there would be insufficient training time. That added two more complicated issues to bargaining: lost salary for players and lost service time.

MLB says players will not get credit for either during lost regular-season days. The union said it will fight for both as part of a deal.

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