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Kodak Shares His Opinion On How Often Men & Women Should Shower


When it comes to celebrities sharing their opinions, you can believe they will do just that. Whether it’s about food, money, or hygiene, they’re going to give people something to talk about. Over the weekend, Kodak Black shared his opinion about hygiene, specifically about double standards with men and women that have folks questioning him.

Kodak was interviewed on The Jojo & Big Homie Show, and the topic of cleanliness came up. Jojo said that men don’t always smell good, and the South Florida native explained that men didn’t need to bathe regularly. “Ni**as, we can rock. We ain’t even got to hop in the sprayer every day for real,” Kodak said. Jojo was confused and asked Kodak if he was referring to the shower, which he confirmed. The “Super Gremlin” rapper followed up, suggesting that women needed to shower, but men don’t.

“But [women], y’all gotta hop in that bi**h every day,” Kodak added. “Soon after we [have sex] all kinds of sh** and before.” Big Homie wasn’t here for Kodak’s answer and said he disagreed, explaining that he showers at least two times a day. Several of our Roommates called Kodak out for putting the double standard on women. One commented, “Baths are for everybody, every day…. With soap…… and towels.” Another commented, “Kodak needs to stop disrespecting women right now. This is uncalled for and unacceptable!”

Kodak has an interesting relationship with the women in his life. Last week, the rapper had a gender reveal party and was disappointed that he was expecting another daughter. Prior to the gender reveal, Kodak was in hot water for stating that he would not be in a relationship with the mother because she wasn’t having a boy during an appearance at The Breakfast Club.

Shortly after, he issued an apology on Instagram and said that he would be there for the child as he is with the others. Roommates, drop a comment and let us know your thoughts on his opinion.

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