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Days of Our Lives Round Table: Do You Remember Renée Dumonde?


Steve and Kayla learned that Sarah wasn’t in her right mind, while Abigail sparred with Kristen to get off the island this week in Salem.

Our TV Fanatics, Jack and Christine, are joined by Trey and Phloeforever from MyHourglass, a Days of Our Lives fan forum, to debate Allie’s answer to Tripp’s proposal, who remembers Renée Dumonde, which parent needs Chloe’s support, and the best storylines in Salem!

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Will Allie accept Tripp’s proposal? Do you want her to say yes?

Trey: I don’t want her to say yes until they’ve had an honest conversation about her one-night stand with Chanel. Marriage is a very big responsibility, and I think that Tripp will be forgiving, but Allie needs to be honest.

Jack: I’m not sure. She looks upset and confused now that she knows it’s coming. As for whether I want her to, if I believed this couple was endgame, I would. But it seems that this is yet another opportunity for everything to fall apart on the wedding day.

Chanel already has shown she has a big mouth, and a propensity for interrupting weddings, and the Devil knows that Allie and Chanel slept together. So any wedding plans between Allie and Tripp are certain to end in disaster, and I’m tired of this happening.

Phloeforever: I think Allie would accept Tripp’s proposal because it looks like this is where the writing is leading. She accepts Tripp’s proposal so that maybe he doesn’t think anything is amiss in their relationship.

I find Tallie to be a boring couple. Allie has more spark, energy, and chemistry around Channel than Tripp. But it seems like Challie’s conflict of sleeping together is just to get back to Tallie, with them being the main couple.

I don’t mind so much, as I like Johnny and Channel and expect them to be a couple again once Johnny returns to normal.

Christine: I think she will accept, if only because it will add to the drama when the truth comes out about her sleeping with Channel.

I like Tripp and Allie as a couple, so I hope they survive this, and I think they can if only Allie is honest with herself and Tripp.

Sarah believes she is Renée Dumonde. Were you watching when Renée was in Salem, and what do you think of this twist?

Trey: I actually did watch Days during this time, but I don’t remember much of her story. I do remember she and Anna fighting all the time. I’m not sure how I feel about the twist. I

‘m sure Sarah will possibly be in denial when she sees Tony and how much he’s aged? But overall, I’m sad to see another roadblock for Sarah and Xander. I guess that’s what keeps me watching.

Jack: I was a little too young to have any memories of Renee’s time in Salem. I’m not sure what I think of this twist yet. On the one hand, we’ve had so many doppelgangers/mistaken identities due to amnesia stories that I’m burned out on them. I definitely did not enjoy it when Steve thought he was Stefano a few years ago!

However, so far, this one has been fun and has allowed Days the opportunity to remind us of a lot of history of which newer viewers might not be aware. Plus, it gives Tony and Anna a storyline, which means that they will be in Salem awhile, and that’s never a bad thing.

Phloeforever: I wasn’t watching the show with Renée, as I started watching in 2000. I like this twist of Xarah being each other’s loves, but they have to deal with Sarah’s identity issues as she believes she is Renée and now thinking she’s in love with Tony.

I was very surprised that Days thought about an identity issue with a character who has been absent for a while. This brings back old Days vibes, where slowly, the love in a pairing would bring someone back to normal.

It’s also a great way for Tony and Anna, who haven’t had a storyline in a while, to be brought into this as well. I just wish Kristen showed more of a motive as to why she wanted Sarah to be this way.

Christine: Yes, I do remember Renée and her drama with Tony, so I think it’s fun that they’ve pulled this from Days’ history. It’s an excellent way for Tony and Anna’s past to cause them challenges in the present.

And I love that Xander will have to fight to get Sarah back by helping her remember who she is. That’s an old-school soap love story if I ever heard one.

Ciara may have figured out that Johnny is possessed by the Devil. What do you think she and Ben will do about it?

Trey: I am honestly not really interested in Ciara and Ben. Personally, I think they should run away from Salem to get away from the bad influences and start fresh somewhere off-screen.

Jack: I don’t know, but this is the first time in a while I can honestly say I’m interested in Ben and Ciara! FINALLY, someone knows. I think Ciara should call Julie and alert her since Julie was the one who suggested the Devil is still in Salem.

And someone should call Eric to do a second exorcism, this time with extra precautions to ensure the Devil doesn’t possess anyone else.

Phloeforever: I think if Cin figured out that Johnny was possessed by the Devil, they should tell an older member of the Horton family, like Julie. They may provide some much-needed advice in dealing with the situation.

Christine: Ciara and Ben will need help to figure this out. They should go to Julie, John, and Marlena as they’ve had the most experience at this point.

JoDevil is having such fun messing with people’s lives that I’m curious to see how he’ll respond once the truth comes out and he is confronted.

Chloe agreed to meet Craig’s boyfriend at dinner. Did she do the right thing? And should she have invited Brady?

Trey: I think it’s important for Chloe to support her Dad, and I think she was respectful to her mom’s feelings about the situation.

I really don’t like the storyline as Nancy and Craig were always fun together and Not your traditional soap opera couple. It feels like the writers separated this couple just to bring Chloe and Brady together. 

Brady and  Chloe had their time together, and I don’t think it appropriate for Chloe to invite Brady to Valentine’s dinner under any circumstance, especially since her boyfriend is still missing!

Jack: I think Craig is overexcited now that he’s come out. He feels free, and he thinks that since it’s all out in the open, everyone can just move on and accept him being with a man. But it doesn’t work that way, and Chloe and Nancy both need time to process their feelings about this.

Chloe should have reassured Craig that she will meet his boyfriend eventually but told him that she was not ready yet. I don’t think Brady needs to be there. What for, so Craig’s boyfriend can comment on what a wonderful couple Chloe and Brady are?

If Chloe needs moral support, how about she calls up her SISTER, who is being excluded from the family drama for no reason at all?

Phloeforever: It’s nice that Chloe wants to support Craig with his coming out, but her feelings about supporting him right away would have been realistic if Craig found himself attracted to men for a while now, as sometimes life-changing events like this happen in real life.

I don’t like how these writers totally changed Craigh and Nancy’s history by saying Craig was interested in men and cheated on Nancy way back when they lived in Salem.

Back then, they were portrayed as an unconventional couple in a slim, attractive man loving and desiring a full-figured woman. They never had a storyline where he was interested in another woman. That’s so rare on soaps.

Maybe they could have shown Chloe being annoyed that Craig cheated on Nancy way back in their marriage when they were known to be a loving couple.

I’ve honestly never really liked Broe, but I could see her needing support from someone at this time. That’s why she brought him.

Christine: I think Chloe needs to support both her parents, so I understand why she agreed to meet her father’s boyfriend as it means a lot to Craig.

I also understand why Chloe would feel the need to have someone there to support her, but does it have to be Brady? I’m just not a Broe fan and having the two of them pushed together when she thinks Philip is missing and possibly dead feels very wrong.

Nancy had an impromptu counseling session with Marlena. What were your thoughts on how Marlena handled the situation?

Trey: I like how Marlena got Nancy to reveal her hurt feelings about Craig’s realization that he’s gay. It must be agony for Nancy not to know that her best friend and husband for years was struggling with feelings of attraction towards men.

Jack: I was pleasantly surprised by these scenes. Days of Our Lives does not have the greatest track record with mental health issues lately, and most of the recent therapy scenes have made a mockery of the process. But I thought these were well done.

I especially liked Marlena gently moving the focus back onto Nancy instead of allowing her to waste time speculating on what Craig thinks and feels while he is not in the room.

The only thing that was missing was that rather than just pointing out that Nancy has people for ongoing support, Marlena should have given her a referral to a counselor who works specifically with these types of issues and who does not know Craig so that Nancy can continue to work through her feelings.

Phloeforever: I liked Marlena telling Nancy that Craig’s sexual orientation was not her fault when she started blaming herself, thinking that he turned this way because she’s argumentative, stubborn, and talkative.

The talk she gave her felt very real in today’s society where someone could find themself attracted to the same sex. I thought she was a good psychiatrist who provided support and advice.

Christine: This was one of the most well-done therapy sessions we’ve seen in a long time. Marlena made sure Nancy realized that Craig’s sexual orientation was not something she could control.

Nancy needs to process her feelings about Craig keeping this from her throughout their marriage. I’d like to see follow-up therapy sessions for Craig and Nancy separately as this storyline continues.

Nicole finally told Ava that she and Rafe had sex and then accused Ava of framing Rafe. Who are you rooting for in this triangle?

Trey: I am rooting for Nicole and Rafe. Getting mad and leaving somebody for having an affair is one thing but destroying someone’s career and having them jailed just because he cheated on you is heinous!.

Jack: I’ve shipped Nicole/Rafe for a long time, so I hope they get together at the end of this. But I am not happy with how this went down.

I’m rooting for Nicole, with or without Rafe. Her attempts to prove Ava is behind this are excellent so far, and Nicole needs to go back to being an investigative reporter. Working at Basic Black is a waste of her skills!

Ava is wrong. Nicole is not the worst one in this triangle. She’s the only one who even tried to handle things maturely. And we don’t need any more of Ava’s crazy revenge schemes. That ruined her character just when I was starting to like her.

So Let’s hope Nicole takes her down quickly. The look on Trask’s face when she finds out she was wrong all along will be a nice bonus, too.

Phloeforever: I actually don’t like Racole. I find Nicole has more chemistry with Eric or even EJ. Rafe and Nicole are a forced and annoying pairing.

I like Rafe and Ava more, so I’m rooting for them as I think they have a more subtle chemistry, where extreme opposites attract could play an interesting conflict in their relationship from time to time.

Christine: I can’t stand Rafe. I think he brings down every woman with whom he’s paired.

Ava’s revenge scheme isn’t right, but then again, she gave Rafe every opportunity to end this relationship amicably, but he refused. And when you cheat on a former mob boss with her best friend, what do you expect?

So at this point, I don’t necessarily want Rafe to go to prison, but I’m rooting for Ava to get away with this. Nicole and Rafe both did her wrong, and they deserve a little misery for it.

What was the least interesting storyline this week in Salem?

Trey: Ben and Ciara are snoozeville for me!

Jack: I was sooo disappointed that after a two-week hiatus, the first scene was Gwen and Xander in bed. Talk about a yawnworthy reintroduction!

I guess I’m also not that interested in EJ and Clyde, at least not yet, since I almost forgot about them.

Phloeforever: The least interesting story for me was the Devil with Johnny and Cin. I’m just so tired of this devil storyline going on for so long.

Christine: Gwen continuing to try and cover her tracks to keep Xander has gotten boring. I love Xander, but all I want now is to see him reunited with Sarah. Everything else is a time-waster.

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline?

Trey: I like Steve and Kayla on another adventure together. It feels like the old Days of our Lives. I am also enjoying Sarah’s discovery unfolding with Abigail and Kristen.

Jack: I love this Craig storyline so far. It’s one of the most realistic stories that DAYS has had in a while. I’m glad that older gay people are getting a story that is relevant for them since most of the gay characters belong to the younger set.

I especially liked Craig’s explanation of his conflicted feelings about his marriage to Nancy in this Days of Our Lives quote

Craig: That young man was Johnny Dimera. He tore a muscle in his chest.
Chloe: How did he even know you were a doctor? Why would you even strike up a conversation with him?
Craig: You know what, Chloe? Even if I was looking at him the way you thought I was, I need you to understand something. I have spent my entire life pretending to not be interested in men because I thought the way I felt made me a bad person. And if I ever acted out those feelings, I would hurt the people I love. You, and your sister, and most of all your mom. The constant feeling of pretending to be happy and fulfilled… and I was at times, believe me. I loved being a father and I still do. Your mother and I, we had some great times together but… I love you all very much. I do. But the lie that I told you all, and myself, I won’t live that anymore. I can’t.

And Nancy’s session with Marlena was also really well done. I like that both characters are sympathetic here and that DAYS isn’t making Craig or Nancy the bad guy.

Phloeforever: My favorite has been the interactions with Xarah and Tanna, and Sarah suffering identity issues and believing she’s Renee. I just think this is an interesting, different way to provide a conflict on Days than the usual conflict of cheating in a relationship.

Christine: I love Abigail verbally sparring with Kristen, and Steve, and Kayla figuring out what’s happening with Sarah. Everything on the island hearkens back to the Days’ adventures of old. It’s great fun.

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