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Some little villages near Barcelona you should visit.


The city of Barcelona is a destination that attracts tourists from all over the world. This city is on a par with Paris, Berlin, or Rome. However, the charm of the capital of Catalonia often eclipses certain incredible places that go unnoticed and that are only a few kilometers away from the capital.

Whether you are on vacation or studying Spanish at a spanish language school Barcelona, you should take a day or two to explore these magnificent places and take a break from the hectic pace of the city. In these villages, you can disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the city, breathe fresh air and recharge your batteries before returning to your routine.

In the city of Barcelona, there is a lot to see and explore, but the same happens in the outskirts of the town, with the difference that these are rural places and not so touristy.

These small villages are only a few hours away from the city and are the ideal getaway if you need to take a break from your studies, work, or your Spanish course in Barcelona. Countless villages surround the town, creating a fairytale-like scenery that is easy to fall in love with.

Let’s get started! Here we will mention which towns you cannot miss if you are in the city of Barcelona. Whether you want to go for a day trip or a weekend getaway, be sure to visit them to enjoy their beauty, peace, and tranquility.


It is a beautiful village located on a cliff in the region of Osona; a mythical mountain village known for the stunning views it offers. Because Tavartet is situated in front of a vast cliff, from its viewpoint, you can see the entire Sau reservoir and the mountains of the Montseny Natural Park around it.

But it is not only about the views that can be seen from Tavertet; the village itself has many attractions to contemplate, such as the approximately 40 houses that were built in the seventeenth and eighteenth century and have not been modified. These are traditional houses of mountain architecture.

This small village, which is located 100 kilometers from the city, lives about 100 inhabitants, most of them are located in the rocky area. The town of Tavertet is cataloged as an Asset of Cultural Interest.


This town has the best beaches in Catalonia, but it is also well known for the number of artistic activities that take place there, such as the film festival (one of the best known in Spain) and the famous Sitges Carnival. It is one of the towns you cannot miss if you are in Barcelona. It is also only half an hour away from the city.

Here you can find the Bacardi House, where you can learn all the history of Cuban rum. Its restaurants located on the promenade are a must, and its beaches are so coveted that they are usually overflowing with tourists during the summer.



This village is located in the municipality of Rupit i Pruit, situated in the Cabrera mountain range, in the Osona region, 100 km from the city of Barcelona. Rupit stands out for its cobbled streets, stone houses dating from the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries, castle, bridges, and several churches, all surrounded by a beautiful wooded setting and the Sau reservoir. It was declared a Historic-Artistic Site due to its medieval past.

Here you can also walk the trails to reach the highest waterfall in the Catalan community: the waterfall of Sallent. It is a waterfall 100 meters high. On the way to the waterfall, in addition to enjoying nature, you can observe the old river mills. The whole area is incredibly beautiful and popular with hikers and mountain bikers.

Suppose you decide to visit this historic village of fewer than 300 inhabitants. In that case, you must see the suspension bridge and the Plaza Mayor, which has a very cozy atmosphere and a very particular beauty. The streets of Rupit cannot be traveled by car because they are ancient and narrow, and to preserve them you must go on foot. When visiting Rupit, you will feel as if you had teleported to the Middle Ages.


Located just 55 kilometers from the city of Barcelona is one of the most charming villages you should visit. Mura has just over 200 inhabitants and is located in the Natural Park of Sant Llorenç del Munt i l’Obac, in the region of Bages.

Another small medieval village stands out for its streets and stone houses perfectly preserved, but above all for the Romanesque church of San Marti dating from the eleventh century. It is the ideal place to walk its trails and make excursions, such as visiting the caves of Mura. The area is also full of places to explore, where you will find more than 70 natural springs, such as the waterfall of Gorg del Pare.


Located in the region of Bages, with only 200 inhabitants, lies Talamanca, a charming village with medieval aesthetics in the middle of the Rossinyol mountain range in the Sant Llorenç del Munt I l’Obac Natural Park.

Most of the date of its construction is from the 16th and 17th centuries; you can see the ruins of its castle and the church of Santa María. Very close to Salamanca is also the hermitage of Santa Magdalena, which is very beautiful and dates from the 12th century.

In its origins, Talamanca experienced economic prosperity thanks to the production of wine, which gives it the particular aspect that it maintains today since not much has changed ever since. It is only an hour and a half away from Barcelona (60 kilometers from the city), and it overflows with beauty and nature, which is why it is essential to explore it on foot.


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