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Paedon Brown Details Life as a Sister Wives Son: Does He Still Love His Dad?


Paedon Brown isn’t afraid to say it at this point:

It’s easy to get lost in the mix of a polygamous family.

The 23-year old isn’t just one of six kids shared by Kody Brown and Christine Brown, the latter of whom left the former in November.

He’s also one of EIGHTEEEN kids total, as Kody has produced this many children overall between his relationships with Christine, Meri, Robyn and Janelle.

What was it like growing up in such a unique household?

Brown answered this question a couple days ago as a guest on the Reality Life with Kate Casey podcast.

When host Kate Casey asked Paedon if Kody was able to share his time evenly with the kids, he said that he doesn’t “think so,” elaborating as follows:

“He mainly tried to focus on the younger kids  when there’s another one born. I don’t want to say, favorite is the wrong word, but favorite is the best example I can give.

“With a new child he needed to protect.”

Paedon is one of Kody’s most outspoken sons/daughters.

Earlier this month, it appeared as if he trolled Robyn hard via a shirt he wore during a different interview, bringing up the sensitive topic at the time of Kody’s youngest spouse having a nanny at home.

Which no other spouse is permitted to employ.

It doesn’t sound like this young man has any real beef with his father, though.

“He still loved us very much, but Logan being the eldest child, not the youngest, it kind of shifted, it’s not a problem,” Paedon tried to explain.

“He really wanted to help the younger kids come into this world better.

“And when we were all growing up, we all got experience with him.

“We all got time with him, but the youngest kid just got a bit more.”

Doesn’t sound totally ideal, which likely explains why Paedon doesn’t wanna duplicate the set-up when he gets older.

“We are all super grateful for it,” Paedon said of himself and his siblings. “We have brothers and sisters. My mom didn’t have any sons but me. I have brothers because of it.

“I’m so grateful for polygamy, but it’s not the life I want.

“I honestly don’t believe in it.”

On a surprising note, Paedon also said he doesn’t watch Sister Wives.

Elsewhere, in a new interview with The Sun, Brown admitted that he’s grown apart from Kody in the wake of his mom, Christine, announcing a few months ago that she was leaving him.

Actually, he’s grown apart from Kody for reasons that predate this decision.

“I wish it was better,” Paedon said of the bond between father and son, citing the conflict that arose throughout Season 16 when Kody put very strict COVID-19 protocols in place for anyone who wanted to spend time with him..

“I don’t like putting up with the rules,” added Brown. 

“It really got on my nerves that I wasn’t allowed to see my siblings because of Covid.”

Previously, we documented how Kody wants to go therapy with his kids due to their fractured relationships.

In the end, it also sounds as if Paedon has some issues with Christine, too.

She now lives in Utah, away from Kody, clearly happy that she made the choice to divorce her spiritual spouse.

“I love my family. I love my siblings.” Paedon told Thhe Sun. “I do love my parents, but I don’t love all of the decisions that each of them have made.”


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