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Email Marketing For Educational Institutions: A Guide


A Guide To Educational Email Templates

An educational institution is a huge system in which thousands of people are involved. These include applicants, students, teachers, management personnel, security, and many others. Everyone is a cog in the mechanism of learning and has a role to play, and for effective work, you need a reliable channel of communication between all participants. For this, there is nothing better than email marketing and educational emails.

Email marketing is great not only for communication but also for improving the recruitment process, increasing new student enrollment and student retention, and much more. In this article, we’ll take a look at the benefits email marketing brings to schools, some email marketing tips, and educational newsletter templates.

Email Marketing In Education: What Is It?

Although the core of marketing remains the same—you are still sending out emails to people—the audience of the mailing list is different. As we said above, these are students, applicants, and employees of the educational institution, as well as its various partners. This approach allows you to build an effective information and communication network, with productive pipelines, and personalize each student’s experience depending on their interests and desires.

Main Benefits Of Email Marketing For Educational Facilities

If email marketing for universities wasn’t effective, we wouldn’t be talking about it today, right? This is a fairly effective and relatively affordable way of marketing for educational institutions. In addition, such marketing has a pretty good ROI. According to analysts, for every dollar spent on marketing, you will get back $44 of profit, which is good news.

In addition, emails outperform popular social networks by 40 times. All this is available to you with the right use of email marketing. However, an institution will receive more benefits than this if it acquires email marketing as part of its arsenal.

1. Higher Student Retention

A high student retention rate is what all institutions strive for. During introductory campaigns, this goal becomes even more acute. Thousands of students apply to various institutions and want to know what courses they offer, what benefits they have, and much more.

However, there are many schools and they are always in competition with each other for the number of students, and poaching students with the most potential is a common tactic. Email marketing can provide an educational institution with a competitive edge since it is mostly used for increasing retention. With email marketing for educational institutions, you can:

  • Communicate your educational programs and destinations to a wider audience
  • Familiarize potential students with the educational institution and its advantages over others
  • Advertise various online consultations

You should definitely not miss this chance, as a short email of a few sentences can generate new students for you and profit for the educational institution.

2. Promoting Your Educational Facility

The entry process for many applicants is complex, and many get confused with the variety of offers or do not fully understand the entry process for a particular institution. At this point, educational emails can favorably distinguish your educational institution from competitors. You can easily create an email that will help promote the university and include the following information that is important to students:

  • Basic information about the university
  • A step-by-step description of the entry process
  • Merits of the university
  • Extracurricular events, traditions, faculties, and so on
  • Sport events
  • Information about the dormitories on campus

All this will help you satisfy the curiosity of potential students and attract them to your educational institution.

3. Internal Pipelines Automation

The college employs a huge number of students and staff, and for more effective interaction and communication, you can automate emails. For example, you can:

  • Automate repetitive university tasks
  • Set up personalized content and send it at the specified time
  • Send trigger messages based on behavior

All this will save time for the employees of the institution by using automation and asynchronous communication.

4. Simpler Involvement Of Students In Extracurricular Events

The last benefit on our list is simpler campaigning and the process of informing students about various events held within the walls of the university. For example, this could include:

  • Emails with various announcements
  • Involvement in university activities, events, or postgraduate work
  • Information about urgent issues that need to be addressed (for example, the health and safety of students)

In addition, email marketing for universities is extremely flexible, and you can create different email campaigns depending on the audience you want to inform. You can take into account their interests and needs in order to provide relevant emails and thereby improve the performance of the university in various events, competitions, and so on.

How To Develop Email Marketing Campaigns For Educational Organizations

Creating an email campaign for an educational institution is not a trivial task for those who have never experienced it before. If this is your first experience, we have prepared the main practices that work best for this particular market segment:

1. Break Your Audience Into Segments

Although we only give advice for educational campaigns, this step is essential for any email marketing campaign. Without it, no further steps are possible. You need to know your target audience and understand their wants and needs. This is necessary in order to provide useful content and links in your email campaign.

Any campaign has the goal of solving a problem for the recipient. Despite the fact that applicants may already know something about your institution, there are still unanswered questions that you can answer with your email newsletter. And in order to reach as large an audience as possible, and do so with as much relevant content as possible, you need to segment your entire audience into different categories. In the case of an educational institution and students, these categories might look something like this:

  • By subject, faculty, and other interests
  • By student location
  • By desired extracurricular activities and events

You can come up with even more breakdowns depending on your school to make your newsletter even more personalized. This will significantly increase the percentage of newsletters opened and the transition from them to the website of the educational institution.

2. Work With Your Subject Lines

Your educational emails should be engaging from the first, and the subject line is what will hook your audience. First, it is worth saying there are a few important rules about this. This line should be short, but at the same time, it should reveal the subject of the letter. Also, do not forget about mobile device users. If the subject line is too long, it simply won’t fit on the student’s smartphone screen, and they will ignore the email.

Another good way to draw attention to the letter is to mention a date. For example, you can immediately indicate the start of training, and this will help increase the percentage of emails opened. In addition, you can use various personalized themes in the subject line that you can come up with after audience segmentation. Another tip is to get straight to the point. Long lines of topics are of no interest to anyone, and there is a very high chance that your letter will simply not be opened if the subject line is too long and there is very little in it that is important to the student.

3. Сome Up With An Impactful Call-To-Action (CTA)

After the audience has opened your letter and read its contents, they need to be redirected to your website and for this, there is nothing better than CTA buttons. They are your main weapon. Choose a bright image to create a CTA against its background. These get the most clicks. Next, place the button itself on this background. In total, it is best to add one or two of them in a letter. The first call-to-action button should be placed immediately after the short text and tell the reader exactly where they will be redirected to when it is clicked. The next button should be with a relevant and thematic call.

Best Templates For Educational Emails

Email marketing for educational institutions requires a bit of creativity when it comes to email design. We decided to show you where you can find some templates of various newsletters to inspire you.

  • Masterclass
    Masterclass is an educational platform that provides users with a variety of video lessons and masterclasses from famous stars and experts from various industries. Their emails have a catchy design with impactful calls-to-action as well as concise explanations of what awaits clients in a given course.
  • Code School
    This coding training school decided to be as creative as possible and created a retro wave style email. By using distinctive colors and fonts, the school communicates to future students what awaits them on the language course in an extremely informative way, and it has posted a bright call to start learning right now.
  • Duolingo
    The Duolingo language platform uses a visual style that is appealing to both children and adults. Their emails are always bright, memorable, and not overloaded with information. For example, they decided to fill some of their letters with action buttons, but there is only one CTA in the letter. All other buttons serve only as links that demonstrate the number of languages that can be learned on the platform.
  • Treehouse
    This online tech school also decided to go the two-button CTA route. They are located at the beginning of the letter and in the middle. In addition, since this is an introductory mail, they decided to include a short story about the school as well as many buttons with links to individual subjects that can be studied.
  • Highbrow
    Highbrow is an online learning platform with courses on over 300 different topics. It uses email marketing for educational institutions to attract new learners. In its mailing list, this platform decided to offer short selections of topics that are available for study with a detailed description of each of them.

Final Words

As you can see, creating your email marketing campaign is a very useful approach if you want to get as many people talking about your school as possible. This is an extremely effective way to attract more students and stand out from the competition. That is why educational institutions should not neglect email marketing.


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