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Internet Links That Caught Our Attention in February


As we near the end of February, we’re taking a look back at some of the things that captured our team’s attention on the internet this month, from home tours to parenting double standards to why so many of our friendships feel weird right now.

1. This article offers a primer on what’s happening in Ukraine, along with some ways to help Ukrainian citizens, including recommendations from journalists on the ground.

2. A viral comic about parenting double standards that our team (unfortunately) found super relatable.

3. A cozy, charming Spanish bungalow tour in the heart of Los Angeles.

4. This cookbook has upgraded dinnertime at my home so much lately. I highly recommend it!

5. The ultimate (satirical) guide to hosting a party, written by Search Party’s John Early. I found it so delightful I made my boyfriend listen to me read it aloud to him in its entirety.

6. An article in favor of the closed-plan kitchen.

7. A helpful guide to getting rid of almost anything you no longer want.

8. If your friendships feel weird right now, you’re not alone. This article explores why that is.

9. One writer methodically categorized her past diary entries in alphabetical order to spot patterns and see if she’s changed. It’s a fascinating, personal exploration.

10. I was searching for new sunglasses recently and this pair fit the bill perfectly. They even comfortably fit my rather large head which is, some might say, a great achievement.

11. Let’s finish off with a couple of before and afters that are a feast for the eyes. First up, this entryway makeover that completely transformed the space.

12. Second, this home office transformation that’s positively stunning. Enjoy!

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