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Are you depressed?


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The word depression is becoming very prevalent but people still confuse it with various other feelings. Firstly, let’s understand what depression is.

When you are depressed? Depression is a feeling or emotion which occurs due to imbalance of hormones. When a person on a regular basis feels very happy and very sad in the very next second or remains sad or anxious then it is a matter of concern.

Any feeling is temporary but one needs to see whether the feeling is actually temporary or they need to concern someone. Are they becoming depressed or is there something disturbing at a mental level?



When you feel sad for weeks


Sometimes we feel sad and anxious and it’s very common to feel that way. We should accept that days aren’t the same every time. It’s okay to feel sad but one needs to observe themselves. If they are sad for a week or two weeks or more then they should take required action. Either they need to work on something or talk to a doctor just the way they do when they have a fever or any other disease.


When you don’t want to socialize


Socialising is someone’s own choice or decision. If you don’t like socialising or if you are an introvert and enjoy your own company then you don’t need to worry about anything. But if you are an outgoing person and love to spend time with others. Suddenly, you start avoiding people and meeting them then it is a matter of concern. If there is some reason then you need not to worry but if there’s no reason then you need to take action.


When you can detached from everything


Detachment is very good for our spiritual and emotional well being. But detachment doesn’t mean you don’t connect yourself with others. When you feel excluded from others or you think everyone is taking advantage and you don’t connect with people. Then it’s alarming!


When you don’t feel purpose in your life


Sometimes, you don’t like getting up or doing anything and it’s alright to feel. But one needs to understand that the feeling should not last longer. The first thing you should do is clean your space and even if you feel the same, you need to take required action.


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