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Apple Patents a Modern Incarnation of Its Very First Computer – Review Geek


Apple magic keyboard press image

A new patent recently published suggests Apple is exploring the idea of building a new all-in-one Mac built inside of a keyboard. Almost like a modern version of the Commodore 64 or Apple’s very first computer.

Published this week by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is a new type of Apple “computer in an input device.” The filing explains this new product as “all the components of a high-performance computer” integrated inside of something like an Apple Magic keyboard, or eventually, a Magic Mouse, and works with any display.

Images from the patent suggest a device highly similar to the current Apple Magic Keyboard, only a bit thicker to house a tray at the bottom for all the computer components. In addition, it mentions that a single input/output port would get power and data, then connect to other accessories via Bluetooth. So essentially, someone could carry around a tiny keyboard to and from work, hook it to external displays, and have a full computer experience on the go.

Apple computer in a keyboard patent

My first thought was that this looks like a modern version of the original Apple computer. However, technology, style, and materials have obviously changed. Nevertheless, it’s certainly an exciting idea and something we could see eventually turn into Apple’s rumored AR or VR headset.

According to Apple, while the patent focuses on a computer inside a keyboard, the same idea could extend to a trackpad, mouse, or other external accessories. Keep in mind that we see neat patents for new technology all the time that never sees the light of day. So while Apple is exploring the idea, it certainly doesn’t mean this type of product is coming soon, or ever.

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