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SBS on Demand: Wisting | TV Tonight


Season Two Part One of Norwegian detective drama Wisting will premiere today at SBS on Demand.

In Norwegian with English subtitles.

Set in the unique and stunning landscape of Norway, this series follows homicide detective William Wisting (Sven Nordin) as he wrestles with the most challenging and shocking case of his career – a wanted American serial killer living among them. Meanwhile Line (Thea Green Lundberg), Wisting’s intrepid journalist daughter is chasing headlines, leading her straight into the path of the killer. Suddenly, an old case comes back to haunt Wisting, and a dreadful accusation is hurled at him. How will Wisting save other lives when he finds himself suspended and fighting for his own reputation, career and life?

In the second season, the story continues with another case taking up the centre stage as the main plotline. Based on the best-selling books The Caveman & The Hunting Dogs written by Jørn Lier Horst. Wisting S1 is currently available on SBS On Demand.

Thursday, 24 February at SBS On Demand.


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