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June Shannon Asks for Prayers, Cites God in Wake of Boyfriend’s Arrest


June Shannon is not in a good place at the moment.

Because she crashed off the wagon and/or because she’s once again lost touch with her daughters?


Because her young boyfriend recently got arrested.

Late last year, as reported right here on The Hollywood Gossip, the reality star dating some dude  named Justin Stroud.

He’s a 34-year old mechanic who apparently favors the Confederate Flag, based on one old photo of Stroud at least.

Back in October, a warrant was issued for his arrest after Stroud reportedly violated his probation on drug and burglary charges.

Last Thursday night, meanwhile, Justin and June were actually attending a party together in Boca Raton when police arrived and took Stoud into custody.

“Four cop cars came into the venue and started speaking with the valets,” an insider explained to The Sun of what transpired, adding:

“Next thing you know, police pull into the gas station and they all swarmed in and arrested him. We saw him get taken away.”

According to the booking report, Stroud is being held in the county jail and is listed as an “Out of State Fugitive” because he’s a native of Alabama.

So that’s the background. This arrest is seemingly what prompted a lengthy Facebook post by Shannon.

“man it’s been a rough two weeks but pray today it will all be better in the world,” opened June on her official social media page, citing a certain Higher Power and addding:

“i know god has us and that he.will see us through anything even though it may some like things are rough at times just remember god always has us.”

This is an empowering message.

Mama June certainly isn’t the first person to turn to religion in the wake of tragedy or trouble.

June Shannon facebook

The Mama June: Road to Redemption star — who was arrested herself for drug possession in March 2019 — continued as follows, setting a record for longest run-on sentence in Internet history:

you know the true meaning of true love is it’s is being there for someone no matter if it’s through good times and the biggest storm in y’all life you stand right there with them through it and never leave and love them through it all.

a lot of us don’t experience true love in our lives but when you do it’s like a magical thing and feeling it’s like falling so deeply in love with someone it’s like you floating on air   amazing high you never come down from and omg it’s amazing when you finally find the person that you have a connection with no matter where you are.

and you read their every thought it’s magical let me tell the happiness the joy the peace that person can give you and you know y’all can get through anything together and can’t live without and don’t want to live without.

Sounds… beautiful?

We just hope Shannon knows what she’s doing here.

She previously dated Geno Doak for a number of years, teaming up with him to spend a ton of money on drugs and to go broke and homeless.

We’re not saying Justin Stroud is the same  as Geno Doak –but the two men do appear to share some similarities, don’t they?


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