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How to Link Within Google Earth Projects


Google Earth in all its forms has been one of my favorite educational technology tools for well over a decade. The web version of Google Earth has improved significantly since its launch five years ago. One of the relatively new features of the web version of Google Earth is the ability to link to places within your projects (AKA tours). 

Linking within your Google Earth tours allows you have guide viewers of your tours to specific places without them having to click through every stop of the tour. In other words, it allows them to skip around without having to navigate sequentially. Watch my new video to see how this works. 

Applications for Education

One of my favorite ways to use Google Earth is to have students develop tours based on a series of events. They add a markers for each event on the places the events happened. Within each marker they write descriptions of the event including its connection to other events. By including links in the place markers students can more accurately connect the series of events in their Google Earth projects.

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