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6 Engagement Ring Trends You’ll See on Everyone’s Finger in 2022


Wherever you turn, love’s in the air. Perhaps it’s the pent-up energy carried over from the long months of the pandemic, the resurgence of The 5 Love Languages into the common lexicon, or simply the fact that we’re out and about meeting people more. Whatever the reason, my social media feeds and group chats are saturated with images, videos, and news of people getting engaged and diving deep into wedding planning. And while it does bring on a split second of FOMO, I’m nothing but happy to see so many people taking the leap. Something else I love about this abundance of proposal content? The fact that I get to scope out the top engagement ring trends of 2022 in the wild.

There’s nothing that captures the wedding season zeitgeist quite as well as engagement rings. Flowers may make a statement and wedding dresses represent the shifting styles of the times, but these beautiful bands are charged with meaning. They’re a promise of partnership, commitment, and enduring support. With these associations in mind, it might come as a surprise that trends can influence the style we ultimately select. But influence us, they definitely do. 

More than that, it’s fun and fascinating to see which trends appear en masse both on social media and IRL. An important disclaimer: None of this is to say that personal tastes don’t play a role in engagement ring shopping. But when sentimentality meets style, beautiful things can happen.

To get the scoop on which styles we’ll be seeing more of in 2022, I spoke with Jennie Yoon, founder of Kinn. Jennie built the jewelry brand to offer timeless pieces that blend sustainable materials with heirloom quality to perfection, making her well-equipped to recommend the most-on-trend styles we’ll see this year.

So keep scrolling for the top six rings you’ll catch on every soon-to-be bride’s finger—plus gorgeous options if you’re scoping one out for yourself. (If anyone out there is listening… #4 has my heart.)

Feature image by Dagny Piasecki.

#1 Toi et Moi

A classic style, the Toi et Moi has been around long before we even thought to track engagement ring trends. Yoon notes that while fashion icons of the twentieth century (think: Jackie O) popularized the two-stone engagement ring style, current it girls like Ariana Grande, Emily Ratajkowski, and Megan Fox are bringing it back.

When it comes to selecting a ring you’ll love for years (or a lifetime) to come, the Toi et Moi is a perfect timeless pick. Yoon adds, ”It can provide a pleasing aesthetic juxtaposition with two stone shapes. It can also represent a deeply personal story combining two stone types like pearl and diamond or emerald and diamond.”

#2 Oval-Cut

Oval-cut diamonds’ rise to popularity has continued throughout recent years, and it’s a trend we’re seeing again in 2022. If you’re of the mindset that the bigger the stone, the better, consider oval-cut. “This style takes up a lot more real estate on the finger, so people tend to focus on diamond quality over the carat weight because it appears larger,” notes Yoon. Hailey Bieber and Kourtney Kardashian count themselves among the style’s fans. So you can feel confident that no matter the ring, this pick will be gorgeous.

#3 Three-Stone Rings 

I’m always here for another reason to fall even more in love with Meghan Markle, and Yoon cites Markle’s selection of the traditional three-stone engagement ring as what garnered its popular appeal. “However, she qualifies, “three-stone rings are very versatile and depending on the cut and stones used, can offer a traditional look or a very modern and bespoke aesthetic.”

If you want a beautiful ring without breaking the bank, Yoon suggests selecting a style composed of a center and two side stones. “Mixing geometric cuts will offer a unique look that makes a bold statement.”

#4 Understated 

A healthy obsession with minimalism has made its way into every aspect of our lives. We’re trimming down our belongings, swapping out gallery walls for single statement art pieces, and filling our closets with capsule wardrobes—and this love of less extends to engagement rings as well.

“Many modern brides are choosing a more minimalist look that easily fits into their lifestyle,” Yoon observes. “Most engagement rings focus on the stone, but those with an understated ring tend to focus on the details by using unique diamond cuts, adding engraving, or using texture.” Simple and streamlined, opting for understated styles gives you the freedom and flexibility to confidently switch up your aesthetic whenever you want.

#5 Bespoke 

When it comes down to it, your engagement ring should help tell your love story, says Yoon. “Many couples want this story reflected in the ring they choose, which is why bespoke rings have been gaining popularity.” Finding a style that’s not only unique, but in step with how you interpret your relationship, is the driving force behind this trend. “Couples are using unique cuts and working with jewelers who are able to tailor their designs to be truly custom-made.” One style fits all? Doesn’t apply here.

#6 Colored Stones 

More and more, brides are opting for a wedding aesthetic that marks a break from traditional styles. If that’s more your speed, colored stones might suit you best. “The most popular request tends to be blue sapphire, reminiscent of Princess Diana’s engagement ring,” Yoon notes. She elaborates, tracking how the trend has adapted over the years, saying that this noteworthy trend has evolved into an increase in the use of emeralds, rubies, blue royal sapphires, as well as Montana sapphires. A popular choice for 2022 and beyond.

Do you have your eye on any of the styles above? Share your favorites in the comments!


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