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Top 10 Bedtime Stories For Kids To Read


Reading Bedtime Stories For Kids is an important element in the child’s success. As Philip Pullman rightly put, “After nourishment, shelter, and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.” Telling stories not only develops reading skills, quality writing, construction of sentences, but also helps in increasing their imagination and creativity, and communication skills.

This is the time when you and your child can spend some quality time out of your busy schedule. It also helps in creating a unique bond between the two of you. Bedtimeshortstories.com has put together some of the most amazing Bedtime Stories For Kids that your kids will surely like. Happy Reading!

Top 10 Bedtime Stories For Kids To Read

1. Goldilocks And The Three Bears

This is a story about a girl who went to the forest and accidentally forgot her way back home. She suddenly saw a cottage and gently knocked on the door. But nobody was inside. As she entered, she saw three bowls of porridge, big, medium, and small. The cottage belonged to the bears. After such a tiring journey, she was very hungry and ate the smallest bowl of porridge.

Then, she saw three chairs, big, medium, and small. Goldilocks perfectly fit on the smaller one but the chair broke at once.  She then went upstairs and saw three beds, big, medium, and small. She chose the small one and fell asleep. In a couple of hours, the bears came back. They saw their porridge was all scattered and the baby bear’s bowl was empty. Then, they saw the broken chair of the baby bear. They got very angry. As they went upstairs, they saw a girl in deep slumber.

Suddenly, she woke up and saw three bears, the frightened girl got up from the bed and ran as fast as she could. She ran until she reached back home safe and sound. Read the full story here.

Goldilocks and three bears
Goldilocks and three bears

2. The Ugly Duckling

This is the story of the ugly duckling who was ignored by everyone. Once, there lived a duck in a pond who had laid some eggs. Soon, the eggs cracked and three beautiful ducklings came into the world. The last egg was big. When it cracked, she saw an ugly, grey duckling. He was hated by everyone. His brothers and sisters used to hate him. He became so sad that he ran away from his home. On his way, he met an old woman. She cuddled him but as she saw him closely, she screamed and told him to go away. Once again, he became sad. He sobbed day and night all alone. He was sad but he never loses hope.

Then, one day, he saw a pond. He became very happy and swam to his satisfaction. Since the weather had changed and it was cold, the poor duckling was frozen in the pond. A kind farmer took him to his home and took good care of her. Soon, the duckling regained his strength and the farmer left him in the pond. There, he saw many beautiful swans. He bowed his head in shame. Suddenly, he saw his own reflection. He had grown into a beautiful swan. Those beautiful swans were his brothers and sisters. Now, he was the most beautiful swan and all the swans praised him for his immense beauty. Read the full story here.

bedtime stories for kids
bedtime stories for kids

3. The Pied Piper Of Hamelin

This is a story about a town, Hamelin which used to have many rats. All the townspeople were worried and wanted to get rid of the problem. Even the cats couldn’t do anything. Soon, a meeting was called out and it was decided that whosoever catches the mice would get ten sacks of gold coins as a reward. One day, a stranger passed by and promised them to do so. He took out his pipe and started to play a wonderful tune. All the mice, at once came out of their holes and the stranger took them near the river. One by one, they fell into the river and drowned. When he returned for his reward, the townspeople disagree with what they promised. The poor stranger decided to teach them a lesson.

Immediately, he started to play his pipe. But this time, all the kids followed him. No kid was left in the town. When the townspeople came to know, they promised him to give twenty sacks of gold. The stranger let the children go. The town of Hamelin had learned never to be ungrateful and greedy. Read the full story here.

bedtime stories for kids
bedtime stories to read Image Source @bostondesiconnection.com

4. The Snow Queen

This is the story of the Snow Queen who made a strange mirror. All the good things became ugly and terrible. One day, as she was taking it to heaven, it fell on the Earth. It was broken into many pieces. The pieces went into many people’s eyes and hearts. In a village, there lived two best friends, Kai and Gerda. Unfortunately, it went into Kai’s eyes and heart. He was now very rude to Gerda. This made Gerda so sad that she always remained upset.

One day, Gerda saw that Kai was going with a lady who had a white face and icy hair. With lots of hurdles on her way, she finally reached the Snow Queen’s castle. There, she saw Kai frozen. He was frozen and he turned blue. Gerda told all the happy moments they spent together but nothing changed.  Kai was still frozen. When she could do nothing, she began to cry. Suddenly, her tears fell on his chest and penetrated his heart. Kai hugged Gerda. When they hugged, a bright light appeared which made the ice melt. This made the Snow Queen cry and she faded away into the air.

After overcoming the challenges, the two friends returned home and lived happily ever after. This story signifies a good friendship that was overpowered by the devil’s magic and melted the eternal ice. Read the full story here.

children's bedtime stories
children’s bedtime stories Image Source @www.youtube.com

5. The Little Match Girl

This is the story of a poor little girl who lived with her father. Her father used to send her to the streets to sell the matchsticks. It was Christmas Eve and it was terribly cold out there. The Match Girl was noticed by no one and so she couldn’t sell the matches that day. She was afraid that if she would go home, her father would beat her. She used to miss her mother and grandmother who were now in Heaven.

It was so cold that she thought of burning a match to give her some warmth. Finally, she dared to lit a match and made herself warm. Soon, the match turned into a fireplace and she made herself warm. But it didn’t last for long. Without thinking, she lit the second match. This time, the wall turned into a veil and she could see a dining room with lots of delicious foods. But in a couple of seconds, it vanished. When she lit the third match, a beautiful Christmas Tree appeared. It had many beautiful candles. She wanted to hold the candles. But as she reached, the candles flew to the sky and turned into stars. Next, when she lit the match, she saw her grandmother whom she loved the most. One by one, she struck the whole bundle of matches as she didn’t want her grandmother to go away.

The next day, it was Christmas. The match girl was sitting at the corner with red cheeks and a smiling face. The people there thought she was trying to keep herself warm last night. But no one knew the magic moments she spent last night. Read the full story here.

bedtime stories for girls
bedtime stories for girls Image Source @www.bedtimeshortstories.com

6. King Midas And His Golden Touch

This is the story about a King named Midas who had a large Kingdom but he was unhappy. He wanted to have more and more gold as he was very greedy. One day, he asked a holy man to grant his wish that whatever he touched must turn into gold. The holy man agreed. The King was very happy. Whatever he touched was turned into gold. His throne, chairs, table, and even his food. Now, he could not eat or drink anything.

One day, his daughter came to him and when he put his arms around her, her daughter, too, turned into gold. King Midas was shocked. He wanted her daughter back. He cried out for help. Suddenly, the holy man appeared and gave him a bottle of water and told him to sprinkle the water on all the things that have turned into gold. When he sprinkled the water, immediately everything came in its original form. King Midas learned that “Gold can’t buy you happiness!” Read the full story here.

king midas and the golden touch
King Midas and the golden touch Image Source @slideshare.net

7.  Jack And The Beanstalk

This is a story of a poor boy named Jack who decided to sell his cow for some money. On his way, he met a traveler who wanted to buy his cows for some magic beans. Jack was curious and he agreed. When he went home empty-handed, his mother shouted at him. However, he sowed the magic beans. When he woke up, he saw the world’s biggest beanstalk. Jack was excited and wanted to see what was there on top of it. He began to climb it and reached a strange land with a large castle.

While entering, he saw a huge giant sleeping in the castle. Slowly, he started to explore the castle and found lots of treasure inside it. He decided to take some treasure along with him so that his mother and he would no longer be poor. Just when he was about to leave, the giant woke up and chased the poor Jack. Jack was too fast for him and quickly slipped down from the beanstalk. He then cut the beanstalk and the giant fell down and died. Jack and his mother lived happily ever after. Read the full story here.

bedtime stories for boys
bedtime stories for boys Image Source @www.ironacton.info

8. The Selfish Giant

This is a story about a giant who never let the children in his garden. The giant was not in his garden for seven years. Every day, children would go and play in his garden. One day, he came back. Seeing so many children on his premises, he got angry and started building walls. On the wall, he put a note saying, “No Children!” This made the children upset. Soon, it was time for spring. All around, the flowers bloomed and there was greenery. But, in the garden of giant, there was no spring. It was still winter there. The giant waited and waited but there were no signs of springs.

Then, one day, while he was sleeping, he heard the sound of a bird. As he peeped through the window, he saw that the spring had finally arrived. Also, he saw a big hole that the children had made. Upon seeing him, all the children ran away. Only one was left inside the garden. He was trying to climb the tree. The giant helped him climb the tree. At that moment, the giant took out the hammer and banged the wall. Since that day, the children and the giant used to play together.

But, every day, the giant would ask about that little boy whom he helped that day. Unfortunately, nobody knew about him. Several years passed, and the giant grew old. One day, as he was sitting near the same tree, he saw spring on one part of his garden when it was winter. There was the same child whom he helped that day. The child came to take the giant with him to heaven. That day when the children came to play, they saw the giant lying in the flower bed with a big smile. Read the full story here.

bedtime stories for kids
bedtime stories for kids Image Source @www.play.google.com

9. Puss In Boots

This is the story of three brothers who decided to throw out their youngest brother. The youngest brother took the cat along with him. They had nothing. The cat asked for his master’s boot and in return, caught a rabbit for his master. They took the rabbit and gifted it to King. Later, the King and his daughter went to the picnic. There, the cat told his master to jump into the stream. Then he asked the King for new clothes for his master. The cat then took them all to the Marquis castle. The cat went into the golden wheat fields which belonged to Scary Ogre.

Now, the cat told the farmer if he would say the fields belonged to Marquis of Carabas, he would help him get rid of Scary Ogre. The farmer did as the cat said. Later, in the castle of Scary Ogre, the cat was caught. To make the cat scared, Scary Ogre turned into a huge lion. The cat challenged him to turn into a little creature. He accepted the dare and turned into a mouse. Within seconds, the cat ate him and made his master the King of that Kingdom. Later, the Marquis and the princess get married. The cat becomes the Knight of Carabas. And they all lived happily ever after. Read the full story here.

classic bedtime stories for kids
classic bedtime stories for kids Image Source @www.dreamtime.com

10. The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz Summary

This is a story of a girl named Dorothy who lived with her Uncle, Aunt, and a pet dog named Toto in Kansas city. One day, a scary cyclone lifted their house up and blew it away. After some time, it fell with a thud! Unfortunately, her house fell on a bad witch of East. The people of munchkins rejoiced in happiness. Suddenly, a good witch appeared and asked her for a wish.  Dorothy wanted to go back. The good witch gave her red slippers to wear and told her to follow the yellow brick road and meet the Wizard of Oz.

On her way, she met a scarecrow who wanted a brain, a tin woodcutter who wanted a heart, and a lion who wanted courage. She took three of them to the Wizard of Oz to ask for the way back home for Dorothy, brain for the scarecrow, a heart for the tin woodcutter, and courage for the lion. Finally, they reached Emerald City where they met a wizard. When Dorothy told him everything, the wizard told them that he would grant their wish if they would free them from the evil witch of West, too. All of them agreed.

The witch came to know about this and attacked them. Firstly, she sent a pack of scariest wolves but the woodcutter hacked them all till they ran away. Next, many crows came to peck on them but in a couple of seconds, the scarecrow scared them all. Next, the witch sent the flying monkeys who took them to the witch’s castle. Dorothy observed her carefully and threw a bucket full of water at the witch. Immediately, she started melting. After that, all of her slaves became free. Dorothy and her friends went back to Emerald City. The wizard appreciated them and granted them their wish. It was time to say goodbye. Dorothy picked up Toto and clicked her together thrice and told her slippers to take her home. Read the full story here.

classic bedtime stories for kids
classic bedtime stories for kids Image Source @www.bedtimeshortstories.com

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