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The Moon and Stars – Charmed Chaos


Image by gene1970 from Pixabay

Going through his possessions, precious memories of their life together flood her heart. The poem she wrote for their seventh anniversary and the memories it invoked. Concert ticket stubs, a photo of them on a ship’s deck. How she missed his quiet strength and the way his eyes sparkled when he laughed! The last decades were magical, but now he is gone.

Hidden in a drawer, she comes across a beautiful wooden box she’s never seen before. She lifts the top and removes a package. It is a moon wrapped in brown paper; so lovingly touched by him. Made of aspen with intricate carvings of craters, it shows his attention to detail. There is a handwritten note. ‘I promised you I would give you the moon and stars. Here’s the moon and when you come, I’ll be waiting to give you the stars.’

©2022 Linda Lee Lyberg

dVerse Poets Pub: Prosery Valentine

Author’s Note: Bjorn has chosen the line ‘It is a moon wrapped in brown paper’ from  Valentine by Carol Ann Duffy.


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