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Teen Mom Stars Bid Farrah Abraham Farewell: See Ya, Wouldn’t Wanna Be Ya!


And just like that… it’s over.

Following weeks’ worth of hype of a certain former adult movie star’s return to the Teen Mom franchise — via the eight-part reunion special titled Teen Mom Family Vacation — Farrah Abraham arrived on the scene last Tuesday night…

… and then departed this past Tuesday night.

She lasted approximately 24 hours on the show overall. 

What prompted the hasty exit?

As viewers witnessed several days ago, Abraham got into it with multiple members of the cast after she used the word “ghetto” in an argument with Cory Wharton.

“It’s ghetto because he’s Black, right?” Cheyenne Floyd fired back at Farrah in response, adding in a subsequent confessional:

“For her to call him ghetto, it was like a little thing just popped in my head and triggered me.”

Shortly thereafter, Floyd flipped a table on air and sent Solo cups flying everywhere, while Abraham screamed “Kiss my ass!” in her direction, adding in irate detail:

“Coast the Farrah wave! You will not treat other people this way.”

Abraham then took  to Instagram in the aftermath of the episode airing and announced she was quitting the franchise.

“These people are deplorable. This ship has sailed. Future teen mothers WATCH OUT & STAY STRONG!” Abraham wrote in real time.

This week, meanwhile, we got to sit back and watch as Maci Bookout tried to talk Farrah down, telling her there’s still “a spot” on the program for her if Abraham wants it.

“My body was very upset and not able to come down from what was going on when I arrived,” Farrah explained to her, saying Cory’s approach to the ghetto controversy “was such a triggering problem to my nervous system.”

Maci said she understood.

She said there still were people on set Farrah could trust.

“I have a very hard time trusting people. What I witnessed the other night, just a man popping up and creeping up, it was just so upsetting, I couldn’t sleep,” Farrah explained to Maci.

“I don’t know, it was such a f—ed up situation. He was very soft and sneaky.”

Again, Bookout did her best to listen and comprehend.

“I’m not telling you to not be angry. I’m just saying I want you to be a part of this,” Maci added.

Farrah apprreciated the pep talk, but concluded that she just couldn’t stick around. She said it was a “waste of time,” adding as she hopped into a car and peaced out of the retreat:

“I’m really tired of investing my time in people who want to just bring out the worst in myself. It is exhausting and not worth my time.

“I guess I’ll have to take the time on my own but it’s not a good time right now to say hi or bye or connect. I really miss my daughter.

“I cannot wait to get back into my life again.”

From there, Maci told her co-stars that Farrah had left and, well… they didn’t exactly mourn this development.

“Good riddance! You didn’t bring in good energy,” said Cheyenne, while Amber said Farrah has a history of isolating herself and is afraid of getting her.

“It’s her loss,” added Portwood, while Leah Messer celebrated with an, “Okay, byeeeee!”

Last week, Ashley Jones got far more personal in her response to the news.

farrah quits

Abraham, for her part, wrote the following a few days ago:

I will no longer have anything to do with @TeenMom. The disturbing environment does not belong in my future & what I see is evil, is abusive, has no ethics and is illegal and against the contract.

I don’t want any of these people around my family.

Enjoy your hate pit of ignorance and power trip.

Children should not be around parents who lie, hate, and are abusive. I wish all the Teen Mom children the best, they deserve far greater then [sic] what they have. It’s evident.


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