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If You Care About Copyright, Stop Using Blog Lovin’


As long time followers of my blog and Twitter account know, copyright is a topic that I am passionate about. That’s largely due to the quantity of websites that steal my work on a daily basis. Some of them, like the popular Bloglovin’ service, claim that they’re not doing anything wrong and are actually helping bloggers get more exposure. Both of those claims are false. 

Bloglovin’ isn’t helping bloggers at all. By republishing entire articles without permission they’re violating the original author’s copyright. Furthermore, by republishing entire articles they are removing any incentive to visit the actual source of the article which negates Bloglovin’s claim that they’re helping bloggers get more exposure. 

Google agrees with me on this as evidenced by the fact that every time I file a DMCA takedown notice with Google they remove the offending Bloglovin’ URL from their index. 

I made a short, ranting video about this Bloglovin’ issue. You can watch it here if you like. Either way, stop using Bloglovin’ to read blog posts and instead use a service like Feedly which does things right or just visit your favorite blogs directly.  


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