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February Horoscope: Bask in the Possibilities


Editor’s Note: Please join us in welcoming our new horoscopes writer, Narayana Montúfar! Narayana comes to Wit & Delight with a breadth of experience as an astrologer and we’re so excited to have her on board. Find out more in her bio at the bottom of this post and stay tuned for more from Narayana on W&D in the months to come. Without further ado, let’s dive into your personal February horoscope below.

Welcome to the real beginning of 2022. As we get deeper into the year, the universe brims with infinite possibilities. After a month of intense introspection and transformation, the energy begins to pick up quite quickly as lover Venus and communicative Mercury end their retrogrades. We did all the work—and now, we are ready to put all our 2022 plans in action! 

In fact, this is one of those months in which we can make quantum leaps toward our most cherished dreams. We will feel a new sense of ambition and drive within us. And the planets will be in harmonious conversation with one another, supporting our thirst for success. 

Jupiter—the planet of luck, abundance, and spirituality—is currently in one of its strongest positions in the sky. And as it connects with creative Uranus around mid-month, we will receive fortune in the form of freedom, nice surprises, and unexpected synchronicities. Also, the cosmic lovers, Venus and Mars, kiss as the shiny full moon in Leo rises in the sky just in time for Valentine’s week.  

As this incredible amount of creative potential is being gifted to us in February, what will you manifest for yourself?! 

Find out what this month has in store for your zodiac sign in your personal February horoscope below!


You’ve been focusing on your career and public visibility—and this month, you receive more help in this sector of your chart. Mars, your ruling planet, is in Capricorn all month, giving you the drive and ambition to go after your goals. February 8 and February 16 are golden days to pursue more money or help from people who can support you. Be open to surprises and synchronicities around this time. 

This month’s powerful full moon shines in your fifth house of fun and romance. If you’ve been working too hard, it’s a fabulous opportunity to take a break. Alternatively, it’s a great time to strut your stuff in the dating world. Once Pisces season arrives on February 18, your mood will become introspective. Today kicks off a month in which you benefit from slowing down, resting, and attuning to your intuition. 


Do you feel any different, Taurus? Something has shifted! The lunar north node of destiny is now in your sign, giving you the feeling that something exciting is about to happen—and it will! You can expect to experience multiple synchronicities, not only this month but also in the year ahead. However, to make the best of them, you will have to take risks and get out of your comfort zone. This will be especially true during this month’s full moon on February 16. 

Then on February 24, Venus, your planetary ruler, will make a fantastic connection with Neptune. This entire week brings an incredible opportunity to pull out your vision board and capture the life of your dreams. Since Neptune is the planet of vision, make sure to capture them in the form of photos, drawings, symbols, and collages. Basically, if you can picture it in your mind, you can make it happen! 


February begins with Mercury, your ruler, in retrograde motion. The good news is it goes direct on February 3—and so life slowly gets back on track. On February 14, it enters Aquarius, a zodiac sign that it loves to be in. This sets you up to have incredible mental acuity for the rest of the month. So, if you’ve been puzzled about a project, trust that you will now find the answer to all your questions. 

February 18 marks the arrival of Pisces season, starting a period of growth for your career and public visibility. March is looking like a golden month for you, so use February to get aligned on your vision in this area of your life. Spoiler alert: The more you try to do, the less you will get done. When it comes to manifesting, you’re better off when focusing on quality over quantity. 


Venus retrograde in your partnerships sector was a doozy, so you will be glad to know that February will be easier. On February 16, Venus and Mars team up in this area of your chart to bring you a new beginning. At the same time, this month’s full moon will activate your second house of money. This could translate into a raise or an unexpected deposit in your bank account. 

On February 18, the Sun enters Pisces, a zodiac sign you love. This shift will be oh so welcomed and is bound to make you feel like a fish in water. It kicks off a four-week period in which you will crave expanding your horizons—physically and mentally. If you’ve been wanting to enroll in a MasterClass, this is the best time of the year to do so! 


Venus is now direct in your sixth house of work and daily routine, so you can expect more flow in this area of your life—finally! February 16 is an important date for you—at this time you will receive the opportunity to begin anew. Venus and Mars will lend a creative hand in helping you shape your best routine for the year ahead. This is especially true if your work-life balance has been off. 

On that same day, the full moon rises in the sky—and this one is absolutely yours for the taking. Since this moon is happening in your zodiac sign, it’s your once-a-year opportunity to clear stagnant and old energy. Clean your closets, tidy your office space, and make room for the new! During this time, you might also crave more attention, so make sure to make some fun plans with your VIPs. 


Is romance on your mind, Virgo? February holds some pretty amazing dates for you—whether taken or single. February 2, February 17, and February 24 are your best days to plan dates or to put yourself out there. If you’re not so into love these days, these dates can also be used for creativity or for focusing on anything that brings you pleasure. 

When Pisces season arrives, you begin a four-week period in which you will be focusing on one-on-one partnerships. During this time, you will prefer stronger, more focused connections more than spending time in groups. If you’ve been considering working with a coach or any other type of advisor, the last few days of the month are ideal for finding one. If you have a business partner, this is also prime time for focusing on your joint goals and efforts. 


With your planetary ruler, Venus, now direct, you’re breathing a sigh of relief. The best news is that in the month ahead, it will make some pretty sweet connections that will make up for all the January drama you had to cope with! Mark February 7, February 17, and February 24 in your calendar as power dates. You’re heading into a time of great manifestation, Libra—so use this month to set yourself up for success. 

In the case that you’re looking for a romantic partner or a community group to belong to, the February 16 full moon could very well illuminate the way. It might actually be one of the best times of the year to put yourself out there, network, and meet people with the same interests as you. 


Even with Venus retrograde, you’ve had your eyes on the prize, and this month won’t be an exception. If you’re working on a creative or communication project, February 8, February 11, and February 16 are golden. Both of your rulers, Mars and Pluto, will be sending help your way in the form of allies, messages, and maybe even a secret admirer. 

The February 16 full moon is happening in your sector of career and public visibility, making the middle of the month ideal for networking and putting your best foot forward. Once Pisces season arrives on February 18, it kicks off a four-week period in which your focus should be on fun, pleasure, and creativity. Like 2021, this year’s tone is one of radical change for you. So, when the cosmos throws you the opportunity to enjoy yourself, you might as well take it! 


The beginning of the month has a heavy focus on communication, when perhaps you’re busy fixing the little mess Mercury retrograde may have created in this part of your life. The good news is that since going direct on February 3, the cosmic messenger can really work for you, especially if you’re working on a project that needs focus and concentration. 

The travel bug could find you around mid-month and toward the full moon, which is happening in your sector of travel and faraway horizons. If you can’t get away, find another way to satisfy your craving for adventure. Home is where the heart is as soon as the bright Sun illuminates the creative sign of Pisces, which is your home sector. For the next four weeks and beyond, you could make home renovations and maybe even buy a house


If you had an intense January, you will be glad to know that February comes much easier… phew! You most likely had to deal with projects being late or stalled. But you can trust things to move much faster starting February 3, once Mercury goes direct. Both Venus and Mars are in your sign during the entire month, giving you access to an incredible amount of creative energy. Together, they can bring some new and innovative ideas your way. And if you’re considering dating, there’s no better time than now to put yourself out there. 

Once the Sun enters Pisces on February 18, your focus will shift to communication, which is a theme for you in the year ahead. If you ever wanted to write a book or start a podcast, you’re looking at one of the best years yet to follow that dream. 


Happy birthday, Aquarius! While February will be lucky for many signs, yours will be receiving some serious cosmic goodies. The month kicks off with the new moon in your sign on February 1, heralding the best time of the year to set intentions for the year ahead. On February 14, communication master Mercury enters your sign, giving you eloquence. This makes the second part of the month ideal to focus on negotiations or any media, writing, or speaking-related projects. 

But your absolute best day of the month is February 17, when Jupiter and Uranus could bring you a golden opportunity. This is one of your best days of the entire year to assert yourself, so mark this important date on your calendar. Once Pisces season arrives on February 18, money and security could be on your mind. If you haven’t yet, and feel called to do so, the last few days of the month are ideal for crafting a 2022 financial plan


You begin the month in an introspective mood as the sector of your chart that rules the subconscious mind is activated. As much as possible, spend some time resting and connecting with your intuition to receive major cosmic downloads. 

February 17 is a special day for you, as the Jupiter-Uranus meetup could spell a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity knocking at your door. This is also an ideal time to book a trip or take a chance on something that gets you out of your comfort zone. The next day, the Sun enters your sign to kick off an amazing month ahead and one of your best birthday seasons yet. If a zodiac sign was going to claim this year, it’s you, Pisces! With Jupiter now in your sign, you’re receiving cosmic permission to expand in many different directions. Make the best of this energy and edit your list of dreams and wishes to focus on what you really want to make happen in 2022. 


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