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Black Hairstylist Reveals How She Built a 6-Figure Salon Using Her 100K Instagram Followers


Gabrielle Allen, a New Orleans-based hairstylist and studio owner, has turned her salon into a six-figure hair empire by leveraging the power of social media. Even more, she is already helping other industry professionals to do the same through her program, “From Instagram to Instant Clients.”

A veteran in the natural hair care industry, Gabrielle has been using social media to share her natural hair care journey since 2009. Noticing a lack of natural hair care resources, she started her own blog, StrawberriCurls, which acted as a resource for other natural-haired women worldwide. She later went on to open her own salon called Shades Studio in New Orleans.

“I love hair,” said Allen.

“Social media has played a huge part in my success and growth as a businesswoman, stylist, and influencer.”

“The beauty and hair care industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. There’s room for us all! Through my classes, my goal is to help other industry professionals elevate their profile and scale their businesses in ways they could not have imagined doing on their own.”

With over 120,000 followers on Instagram and more than 270,000 followers across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, Allen’s classes will teach beauty professionals how to:

— Organically grow their Instagram following
— Attract the clients they want
— Easily create social media content
— Take more visually appealing photos that capture the viewer

To learn more and participate in the “From Instagram to Instant Clients” classes, aspiring and established hairstylists should register.

The Black hair industry is growing with no signs of stopping. According to a survey, out of $63 million spent in the hair care industry, Black, and specifically, natural hair care consumers made up 86 percent of that spend.

This article first appeared on Blacknews.com


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