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When To Wallpaper An Accent Wall

When To Wallpaper An Accent Wall

If you are looking to add some “wow” to a room, have you ever considered doing a wallpaper accent wall? When we moved into our current home, I planned on making the third bedroom into my office since I work from home.

This area used to be an outdoor porch at some point. It’s a smaller room two steps below the level of the rest of the house, so the ceilings are nice and tall.

The room is right next to the steps to go down to the basement, so you can see right into the room from the rest of the house. I wanted to do something that felt fun and tied the room into the vibes of the rest of the house.

Doing an accent wall seemed like the perfect way to add some personality to the space, and doing a wallpaper accent wall turned out to be perfect for the room!

If you are wondering when to wallpaper an accent wall, here are all the ways to figure out if that’s the best path for you!

accent wall of wallpaper in office

Q: Which wall should be the accent wall?

A: Usually an accent wall is determined by whichever is the first/main wall that you see when you walk into a room. You want that to be the “WOW” moment when you walk into the room, so it’s a good idea to have that be the first thing you see.

The exception to that general rule would be for a bedroom, as you usually want to choose the wall that the bed is set against (where the headboard would be) for your accent wall.

Q: What type of wallpaper is best for an accent wall?

A: The type of wallpaper that you choose will depend on how bold of a statement you want to make with your accent wall. If you want bold and dramatic, choose a wallpaper with lots of patterns or colors to really draw the eye to that wall. If you want something more subtle, try a more muted color palette with less colors or a less busy pattern.

You should wallpaper an accent wall when …

... When on a wallpaper budget: For this, I don’t necessarily mean that you want to generally decorate a room as cheaply as possible (usually wallpaper doesn’t fit into a super low budget unless you do a Super Affordable DIY Wallpaper Hack), but that you love wallpaper (but don’t have the budget to do a whole room).

Generally, an accent wall is going to be about 1/4 the cost as it would be to do a whole room, so it’s definitely an overall savings but you get to have a pop of that paper you love.

… When learning to DIY wallpaper: Like most skills that you are learning, it can be a good idea to start small and build up as you grow your toolkit. So if you are wanting to tackle wallpaper yourself (totally doable for a crafty person and saves you money on install costs), I would really recommend doing an accent wall before trying to do a whole room.

You don’t have to worry about trying to wrap the pattern around the corners like you would if you do the whole room, and it gives you a smaller space to learn the skill. You can also identify what you would do differently next time, what tools would be more helpful, or what type of paper you’d rather work with the next time around.


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