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PROOF POINTS: Uncertain evidence for online tutoring


How well does online tutoring work? 

This is an important question. The federal government is pushing schools to spend a big chunk of their $122 billion in federal American Rescue Plan funds on tutoring, but bringing in armies of tutors into school buildings is a logistical nightmare. And now, with the Omicron variant still raging in many states, it’s even more difficult.  It’s also hard to find enough physical space to work one-on-one or to rejigger school schedules to make room for tutoring time.

Online tutoring is a tempting solution. It comes in many forms, from text chatting and homework help lines to robo-tutors that use artificial intelligence to deliver prepackaged lessons. Some forms of online tutoring mimic in-person tutoring except sessions take place over Zoom or another video chatting app. All a student needs is a laptop, headphones and a good internet connection to access a one-on-one tutoring session, even in a crowded classroom.


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