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Get to Know Franny & Brenda from Move, I’m Gay — Podcasts You Should Know


If you are looking for a podcast with entertainment news, gay history and politics all rolled together, look no further. Move, I’m Gay stars Francisco and Brendan (better known to listeners as Franny and Brenda).

The show, which will stream its 100th episode on Tuesday, February 22 is taped live each week from their studio in Portland, Oregon. The show has gained a national following for the comical camaraderie between its two seemingly polar-opposite hosts. While Franny dishes on the latest entertainment dirt, and maybe belts out a Top 40 hit or two, Brenda references obscure gay historical facts.

There’s also a bit of politics thrown in, as the two banter, laugh and drink their way into listeners’ hearts.

The show’s segments are a favorite among listeners.  In the “Gay of the Day” segment, they highlight some of the outstanding accomplishments of individuals in the LGBTQ+ community.  “We love heaping praise on the bravery of celebs like Lil’ Nas X and JoJo Siwa who have come out loud and proud and others like Jeopardy! champ Amy Schneider who are raising LGBTQ+ awareness on unexpected platforms,” says Francisco.  

The pair regularly share their real-life trials and tribulations, like in the “Hog Hunters” episode when Brenda was forced to come to terms with the truth about the man he had been speaking with on Tinder.  “I had to be convinced live during the episode that I was being catfished.  All of the obvious signs were there but I simply wasn’t willing to admit it.”

In their “Bless This Mess” segment, Franny and Brenda lament on the week’s most shameful events.  “Some of our most heated shows from last year were centered around transphobia and the right’s increasingly unhinged fight against BLM and voter’s rights, and their refusal to believe that we’re in the middle of a God damned global pandemic,” says Francisco. 

“In the beginning, we didn’t expect the Move, I’m Gay podcast to be so political,” he continues.   “It was meant to be more about our shared love of the free Britney movement and detest for Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop with maybe a few bits about Wendy Williams burping and farting simultaneously while live on air tossed in for good measure.”

Both agree that being LGBTQ+ today is inherently political.   “We realized pretty quickly that avoiding the serious topics would come across as tone deaf, and that’s the last thing we want the show to be,” Brendan explains.

We talked to Franny and Brenda about the show and put them in the hot seat to answer the Socialite Seven. Get to know this hilarious pair and get ready to add this entertaining podcast to your playlist!

How was “Move, I’m Gay” born?

Franny: The pandemic really stopped everything, so we figured doing a podcast when there was really nothing to do was the perfect time. 

Brenda: We had been talking about it for years, but with Franny breaking his leg and me also having a health concern, we decided to go for it. It was really pushed when I went out to a bar and designed a mock-up for cover art. We ended up recording a week after, and the pandemic hit just after 3 episodes.

How do you choose what topics to talk about?

Franny: At the beginning, we just talked about ourselves, but we eventually started using the same segments and made sure we didn’t talk about the same thing 

Brenda: It really had loose organization in the beginning. Now we have specific segments. I get my information from shitty gossip websites and The Advocate mostly.

What do you enjoy talking about the most? 

Franny: I think I enjoy the “Gay of the Day” segment the nest because a lot of our straight listeners get information that they might not have been able to hear in their normal day. 

Brenda:  I like talking about really ridiculous celebrities that are doing the most. Like absolutely embarrassing moments, or really tragic topics or famous people.

Have you ever been surprised by something you learned on the show? 

Franny: I mean I think the world is a crazy place and it still shocks me that there are so many anti-gay/anti-trans debates happening all the time 

Brenda: Yeah, I would agree, mostly how politics and celebrities can be intertwined. Just people that are in the forefront of the media and still have an awful or ignorant political stance or opinion.

What has been your favorite episode to record? 

Franny: I mean I don’t think there’s anything like the first one. Not our best work by any means, but I think it was probably the most exciting to record

Brenda: Probably the episode where I realized that I was getting catfished on Tinder. Navigating dating apps during the pandemic has been weird enough, but now dudes are trying to swindle me with their thirst trap pics and promises of intimacy.

If you wanted one, who would be your dream guest? 

Franny: Anyone from the Holy Trinity… Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, or Rihanna. Or Heather Gay from the Real Housewives of SLC.

Brenda: Definitely Heather Gay!  That would be so fun.  Besides that, maybe somebody that we collectively despise.

How has doing this podcast changed you?

Franny: I think it made me more aware of politics and different laws that go into effect. Makes me even more proud to be an out gay male. 

Brenda: Definitely agree with Francisco, makes me more aware of politics and how they relate to the LGBTQ+ community.  Besides that, it’s made me more confident in how I speak and just as a person in general.  I do all the editing, so having to hear yourself speak for hours a week can really change how you feel about your speaking voice.  

Are you surprised about the success of the podcast? 

Franny: Yes. Getting recognized by listeners is insane! all we do is talk shit and somehow people are drawn to us and it is so wild to me. 

Brenda: Yes definitely! We have always had really supportive friends and family, but it’s really great that it has been growing outside of that realm.

What other podcasts do you listen to (I was delighted you mentioned How Did This Get Made and True Crime Obsessed on a recent episode)?

Franny: Ja’miezing. Chris Lilly’s new podcast. It is the most unhinged thing I’ve ever listened to 

Brenda:  Omg all I do is listen to podcasts so I have a million suggestions. TCO is definitely my favorite of all time.  I just love true crime documentaries and series and hearing these two queens talk about it and make fun of everybody is so funny! I love How Did This Get Made as well, saw them live a while back before the pandemic, and it was hilarious.  Besides that, really into the Catfish podcast, The Vanished, The Bald & The Beautiful (Trixie & Katya’s podcast), Unsolved Mysteries, Best Friends, Las Culturistas, The Read, any of the Dateline ones with Keith Morrison. I could go on and on, but I will stop there.

What do you think the future holds for you?

Franny:  Hopefully live shows, money, more guests, money, merry, and money

Brenda: Live shows would be great!  Just building an audience, maybe joining a podcast network?  Who knows!

Franny and Brenda answer the Socialite Seven

Who has had the biggest influence on you and why?

Franny: Mrs. Beyoncé Giselle Knowles Carter. She is a queen and always looks good being one. 

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Brenda:  Probably my mom or my twin brother? Both have really good advice. 

What talent would you like to wake up with tomorrow?

Franny: No gag reflex.

Brenda: No anxiety.

If they made a movie of your life story, who would you want to portray you on the big screen? 

Franny: Dan Levy

Brenda: Janice from The Muppets

What are three things you can’t live without? 

Franny: Phone, my mom, and my computer

Brenda: Acid reflux medication, showers, my phone

What’s your biggest pet peeve?

Franny: When people say “at the end of the day”

Brenda: People talking on speakerphone in public

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given? 

Franny: If you can’t buy it twice you can’t afford it. 

Brenda: “If you were happy everyday of your life, you wouldn’t be a human being, you would be a gameshow host.”

What are you most grateful for?

Franny:  Friends, family, Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé, Rihanna, and cheese

Brenda:  My family, my teetering sanity, Trader Joe’s boxed wine

Listen to “Move I’m Gay” on Spotify and follow the show on Instagram



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