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What to Watch: The Wedding Veil Unveiled, Severance, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel


At long last, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel returns! And even better, it’s doing two episodes a week for four weeks for a combo binge-episodic effect.

Apple TV releases Severance, and the race will be on to determine what in the heck is going on because it’s a mindbender!

And we cannot forget Valentine’s Day. There’s romance across the dial, but we’ve got our eyes on one GAC Family flick and the second in a trilogy at Hallmark.

WTW Feb 12

Saturday, February 12

8/7c Harmony from the Heart (GAC Family)

Jessica Lowndes stars in this moving film, which she also wrote and executive produced, about a young woman named Violet who hopes to change lives through music therapy.

When she gets too involved with patients and neglects the requisites she needs to graduate, Violet gets an assignment that would put her skills to use.

Meeting local physician Blake Williams (Jesse Metcalfe) opens challenges Violet’s theories about her work and opens her heart in the process.

8/7c The Wedding Veil Unveiled (Hallmark)

It’s part two of the Wedding Veil trilogy starring three of our Hallmark favorites sharing one beautiful friendship across three romantic movies.

In this flick, Emma (Autumn Reeser) travels to Italy to teach and research a wedding veil said to bring its owner love. While there, she meets Paolo (Paolo Bernardini), the son of a local lace-making family. Oh, we just know love is in the air!

Also starring Lacey Chabert and Alison Sweeney as Emma’s two besties

8/7c Line Sisters (Lifetime)

Brace yourselves for a classic Lifetime film that is sheer, ludicrous, top-notch, dramatic fun!

Sorority sisters go on a vacation together, and all the hell breaks loose after they encounter a rival sorority who dredges up some scandalous, possibly deadly secret from their college days.

With classic thriller and horror tropes and a fun cast, this one is nothing if not entertaining. Check out the trailer!

Sunday, February 13

8/7c Power Book IV Force (Starz)

Tommy decides to learn more about his new city.

Tommy finds himself taking a drive around the city, as he introduces himself to some new faces. And Claudia tries to get through to her father.

While the pilot was solid, this follow-up episode is better, and gives us a good idea of where the season is headed.

Monday, February 14

8/7c 9-1-1: Lone Star (FOX)

Valentine’s Day, Schmalentine’s Day; when it comes to the holidays, the 9-1-1 franchise loves to have ludicrous fun!

Who needs chocolate and flowers when you can go alien-hunting?! Judd attempts to bond with his newly-discovered teen son, and he and Owen take Wyatt out for some alien-hunting, but they find bodies of another variety. Oof!

When Tommy believes she’s haunted by Charles, she heads to a grief group, but it turns out the people there have stranger issues than hers.

9/8c Snowpiercer (TNT)

SHE’S BACK! Well, sort of.

As the train heads for the New Eden site, Alex is confronted with the vestiges of one of the worst times of her life aboard Big Alice, while Wilford shows some remorse for what he had to do to her.

When the train runs into a track problem, who will save the day?

9/8c 4400 (The CW)

It’s an all-out war as the 4400 prepare to defend their home, their rights, and their powers. Friends are now enemies. Siblings are turned against each other. There is no going back now.

At the center of it all is the mysterious BHN corporation. What role will they play? Could they be the key to unlocking the secret of the 4400?

Don’t miss the epic season finale of 4400!


9/8c The Gilded Age (HBO)

The stakes have never been higher. Last week’s tragedy has given the Russells the ‘in’ they needed. Will they make the most of it while they can?

Marian may have made a new friend while unwittingly losing another. Breaches of etiquette abound – including one that may have serious ramifications down the line.

It’s the most daring and scandalous episode of The Gilded Age yet!

9/8c The Cleaning Lady (FOX)

Thony attempts to play both the mob and the FBI but how long will it take until Garrett catches on?

Time is running out so Thony tries to buy a liver transplant from the black market to save Luca’s life.

Did Arman arrange a legit trade for her or has the FBI set up a trap for Thony, endangering her son?

10/9c Promised Land (ABC)

It’s the brother against brother showdown that we’ve been waiting for, and that’s STILL not the most dramatic thing to come out of this installment!

Joe realizes that Father Ramos is no other than his estranged brother, Billy, and to say it causes a strain in his relationship with Lettie is an understatement. But as if the drama with his wife and brother isn’t enough, he’s left reeling when Carmen invites Margaret to her birthday bash.

Sandovals and Honeycrofts at a party together? Sign us up!

Tuesday, February 15

8/7c The Resident (FOX)

The best medical drama on the air, yeah, we said, and right now, we have no plans on taking that back, returns with another fantastic, topical, emotional, and entertaining hour.

Things go awry at the gender reveal party for Jessica’s sister, which puts her brother-in-law’s life in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Irving works along with Conrad and Trevor on an influencer whose cosmetic surgery leads to dangerous complications.

Oh, and the Billie saga heats up when she comes face to face with her rapist.

10/9c Queens (ABC)

It’s the season finale of Queens, and they’re going big with it!

The queens are getting inducted into the Hip Hop Hall of Fame, which is a great honor but prompts them to feel the void Brianna left behind. Valeria begins to doubt if she can manage things on her own when she’s scheduled for her tour.

And Naomi battles some feelings when someone approaches her about JoJo’s dad just when she may face a proposal offer. Tune in to see how this one ends.

Wednesday, February 16

9/8c Resident Alien (SYFY)

On the next episode of Resident Alien, Asta is concerned Harry is building another bomb and hopes to find out when they go camping on the reservation.

According to the promo, Harry is at least saying he’s created a radio to tell his people to leave us earthlings alone.

We’ll find out on “Radio Harry” why the General and her bumkuses haven’t been pounding the pavement to find Harry lately, too!

10/9c Astrid and Lilly Save the World (SYFY)

Astrid and Lilly’s school is plagued with a new viral dance that leaves the girls feeling left out, until they learn that it’s actually a monster.

Astrid and Lilly must stop the monster before everyone succumbs to a grave fate.

Will the girls be able to stop the monster in time?

Thursday, February 17

Star Trek: Discovery (Paramount+)

Now that the DMA’s true purpose has been revealed, the race is on to stop Book and Tarka from starting something that may start a conflict that could destroy them all. Interesting how this is the third season in a row that Discovery has had to save the galaxy.

Who will save the day? Will the weapon work? Will Tarka’s real mission come to light and does it have anything to do with Species 10-C?

10:30/9:30c (Freeform) Single Drunk Female

It’s scary to write while sober, at least for Samantha Fink. Sam’s next big milestone is getting a job interview in New York, and she can’t down shots to prepare. Carol is going to make her daughter’s life even worse by trying to bond with Olivia.

Friday, February 18

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Prime Video)

Mrs. Maisel is back, and she was worth the wait!

Season 4 begins right where Season 3 left off, with Midge and Susie heartbroken and humiliated on the tarmac. But endings are just new beginnings for this tenacious duo – Midge will be famous on her own terms, and she’ll look fantastic doing it.

Expect all the fun, profanity, charismatic characters, and whipsmart dialogue you’ve come to love from this bonafide, Emmy-winning sensation. Two episodes drop this week, but we guarantee you’ll want more immediately!

The Afterparty (Apple TV+)

It’s time for Zoë to tell her version of the night’s events. She’s an artist, so, naturally, it’s an animated episode! Zoë draws broad caricatures of her former classmates, family, and, most importantly, herself. Will her account give Danner the information she needs to solve the case? Find out on a new episode of The Afterparty!

Severance (Apple TV+)

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind meets Office Space in this dark, creepy look at what happens when work and home life are completely severed. Mark Scout (Adam Scott) works at Lumon, in a department so sensitive that his work self is allowed no recollection of his outside life and vice versa.

A surprise encounter reveals that there may be more sinister forces at work. If you’re a fan of Black Mirror or The Twilight Zone, be sure to check out Severance. Patricia Arquette, John Turturro, Britt Lower, Dichen Lachman, Tramell Tillman, and Christopher Walken also star.


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