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Organic Bread of Heaven Giveaway!


Update: The weekly newsletter from Feb 1 announcing the winner of the Sourdough Giveaway could not be sent out due to technical issues that emerged that afternoon which persisted into the next day.

However, I did conduct the random drawing on Tuesday as scheduled to select the winner, Kelly M. of Erie, Colorado!

I called Kelly last Tuesday afternoon (Feb. 1) to extend my congratulations.

Thank you to all Plus members for your continued support and participating in this fun giveaway!


It’s hard to believe that two years ago this month, Healthy Home Plus was launched!

This safe, private membership community features no ads, exclusive eBook downloads, premium content (180 articles and counting!), and a private 24/7 chatbox for all your wellness questions including product/supplement vetting.

I envisioned this community for a number of years when online censorship started to rear its ugly head in 2016. It was such a relief to finally launch it in January 2020!

To celebrate Plus’ two-year anniversary, I am giving away a basket of goodies from Organic Bread of Heaven, a family-owned bakery where I’ve purchased sourdough bread, muffins, bagels, noodles, and tortillas among other items for several years.

I know that many of you enjoy their products as well!

One lucky winner from the Healthy Home Plus community will be chosen at random on January 31, 2022.

All current members who have joined prior to midnight on January 30, 2022 will be eligible to win. Click here to join Plus.

I will personally contact the winner by phone and email.

The fresh-baked basket includes the following items:

  • Turmeric Sourdough – The newest sourdough bread offering that everyone must try! The flavor is outstanding!
  • Sourdough Challah – This is what fresh sprouted bread tastes like. Compare to the imposter versions from the store.
  • Cinnamon Sourdough Bagels – These incredible bagels are sweetened with dates!
  • Sourdough Noodles – Pasta never tasted so good or digested so well! Your choice of shape.
  • Garlic Sourdough Croutons – A blend of real sourdough breads with fresh garlic. A delicious, crunchy, and healthy addition to your favorite salads.
  • Sourdough Tortillas – I use these for tacos, quesadillas and homemade tortilla chips. Your choice of 8″ or 5″ plain or chili and herb.
  • Oatmeal Raisin Cookies – These are sweetened with maple syrup. Wonderful for the occasional treat or for children’s lunchboxes.
  • Sweet Bread – Your choice of zucchini, banana, apple, or date honey cake.

The winner will also be announced in the weekly newsletter on Tuesday, February 1, 2022!


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