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Sister Wives Fans Trash Robyn Brown: You’re a Hypocrite! We Have Proof!


Robyn Brown has had a lot to say over the past couple weeks about the deteriorating state of most relationships in her polygamous family.

The veteran reality star has taken center stage at various times on the first two parts of the Sister Wives Season 16 reunion special, often coming across as critical of her felllow spouses.

Now, however?

Fans of this TLC reality show have something to say to Robyn.

And we don’t think she’s gonna like it.

Robyn, of course, is both the youngest of Kody Brown’s sister wives and also his only legal spouse.

She spends by far the most time with the father of 18, notably adhering in late 2020 (back when Season 16 was filmed) to all of Kody’s strict COVID-19 rules and regulations.

During this same period of time, Robyn watched as Christine grew so disenchanted with Kody that she left him this past fall; and also as Meri and Kody lost every ounce of romance between them.

Heck, the couple hasn’t slept together in 10 years.

“It makes me angry,” Robyn said through tears this past Sunday all the issues Meri, Janelle and Christine have had of late with Kody, adding in a discussion with host Sukanya Krishnan.:

“I just don’t know why they’re not figuring this stuff out and talking and finding their compromise and finding the things that they love about each other.

“I can’t fix it for them. I can try. I can try to persuade, I can try to influence, I can beg.'”

Yes, Robyn really was blaming the sister wives for their problems with Kody… as opposed to blaming Kody for generally acting like an A-Hole.

Elsewhere, meanwhile, Robyn said on air that she won’t even acknowledge Kody and Christine’s split because it isn’t official.

“Technically, in my head, they’re not divorced because their marriage was done by our church officials. They haven’t granted them a divorce,” Robyn explained.

Countered Christine when it was her time to speak:

“In our church, polygamous women can leave. They are not trapped.

“However, I haven’t been a member of that church for a long time. I don’t really care. I think that God’s fine if I just want to be happy.”

Here’s the other thing, meanwhile, as it relates to this debate:

In a Reddit post titled “The Time Robyn said THIS about leaving a marriage,” astute Sister Wives viewers have now called Kody’s fourth wife out for appearing to what they view as her total and complete hypocrisy.

“I know what it is to be in a marriage and not want to be in that marriage anymore,” Robyn says in a clip dug up by these fans, adding years ago:

“But I think we should all have the right and freedom to leave. Even Kody.”

Indeed, Robyn herself left an unhappy marriage back in the day — and now she’s out here, hurling shade at Christine for doing the same?!?

“Doesn’t it stink when people can look back at everything you’ve said and see the staggering inconsistency of your behaviour, Robyn???” wrote one Reddit user in the comments thread.

“I believe she thinks Christine has just given up on a perfectly good man and if she could just endure his will a little more blindly everything will be fine,” wrote another critic.

This is absolutely what Robyn thinks.

It’s pretty sad overall, but it’s not worth getting too upset about for one very good reason:

Christine isn’t very upset about it all.

Far from it, in fact.

Brown walked away from her spiritual union in November and, as you can see here, she could not be happier about it.


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