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RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 14 Episode 6 Review: Glamazon Prime


A design challenge has claimed another unlucky queen on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 14 Episode 6.

If a queen doesn’t know how to put together an outfit or has an eye for fashion, they’ll quickly be walking out the door. There’s only so much personality they can show before the lack of craftiness rears its ugly head.

Unfortunately, the latest eliminated queen had a history of underwhelming outfits. And just like that runway ensemble, this round felt underwhelming as well.

“Glamazon Prime” was more filler than fire.

When the entire focus centers around the prep for the Maxi Challenge runway, the pacing takes a massive hit in the process. There are only so many chats about materials and outfits before it becomes repetitive.

And beyond Jorgeous’ last-minute scramble to create a new look or Daya Betty snapping at Willow Pill, the Werk Room construction didn’t have much weight to it.

RuPaul and Carson added as much excitement as they could, but their advice didn’t make up for the majority of filler to pad the episode. And the outcome was pretty much set for who would wind up at the bottom and the competitors we’d need to watch for the round.

Daya Betty’s failure to land at the top (or even at the bottom) just telegraphed her storyline. Even if she had created a strong look, it was more advantageous to keep her “safe” so that it would egg her on.

She’s in that classic Drag Race role of the queen who is “overlooked” by the judges and not getting any feedback. Think of Jan and Tina Burner.

DeJa Skye: Daya, you were a little bit disappointed with being safe in Untucked.
Daya Betty: Oh, I wasn’t disappointed. Don’t twist my words, bitch.
Maddy Morphosis: Ohhhhh.

The difference in Daya’s case is that she’s letting the negativity get to her head.

If she wants to escape the Crystal Methyd comparisons, she needs to change her look and makeup style. She looks too similar to her drag mother, and she’s painting just like her. Daya has to look in a mirror and recognize that she’s setting herself up for the critiques coming her way.

The Maxi Challenge looks for the “Glamazon Primetime” runway all came out pretty strong, albeit with a few notable exceptions. The queens served a majority of good looks for a construction design challenge; it was a good sign for their crafting skills.

Lady Camden, Willow Pill, Angeria Paris VanMichaels, and Jorgeous had the night’s best looks.

Lady Camden’s pink/blue angel made out of an inflatable pool seemed like something a Victoria’s Secret angel would wear. With a few alterations and lingerie aspects, it would’ve been a great nod. Her patterned design on the bust flowed beautifully into the wings and the fringe below.

[In confessional] Have y’all ever, like, went to a Christmas party at your step-parents? And you thought you were getting something great, like you were like “Oh my God, they’re gonna spoil me so much because like I’m new to the family.” And then you open the box and then it’s socks. And then it’s also deodorant. And the most expensive gift up in there is a sonic toothbrush, bitch, and you can’t even resell it because they scratched out the resell label because they want you to use it. That’s how it feels. It feels like Christmas gone wrong.

Kerri Colby

Willow’s brown nightmare creature came out stronger than I would’ve guessed.

The dress portion was simpler than expected, but that worked amazingly for the overall design of the ensemble. The arms were the key feature, and the dress didn’t remove the effect. I’m not surprised she ended up as “safe” due to the simple aesthetic, but it was a fun look.

Angeria’s ruffled black dress could’ve won her the Maxi Challenge. Shockingly, she didn’t after smashing RuPaul’s and Carson’s worries.

The shoulder fans added to the overall dress and gave her structure. Plus, she looked like a stunning power-hungry socialite who would own 51% of her company.

Jorgeous, on the other hand, had a sexy and stunning ensemble that elevated her features and style. Anyone could wear the look, but it was the type of outfit that Jorgeous could pull off and shine.

I loved the placement of the tropical fabric and how it compared against the solid yellow material. Plus, the touches of the stars added some style touches that didn’t take away from its sexiness. Overall, a good look that became a superstar because of how Jorgeous wore it.

For the bottom three looks, Maddy’s dress was the clear worst. She’s terrible at creating a dress on her own; RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 14 Episode 3 proved this because she was at the bottom during that week too.

The color-blocking was off, the dress stopped at a weird angle, and the look overall was terrible. Her country dress is one of the worst looks in Drag Race herstory.

[In confessional] After the last sewing challenge, I was boo-hoo hurt that I did not win. So, I hoarded the most because I want to make sure I have enough boxes to have some type of material I want.

Jasmine Kennedie

On the other hand, Jasmine’s and DeJa’s outfits had strong elements. If they had made a few tiny changes, they could’ve been safe for the round.

I agreed with the judges that Jasmine needed to edit her dress. Her red flowy number looked sexy, but the accessories (especially those ugly earrings) took away from the impact. The dress seemed very heavy on top between the hair, neck, and earrings.

DeJa’s look didn’t blow me away; it felt unmemorable compared to everyone else’s runways. Even if she removed the fan and the headpiece, the goddess would’ve just been another dress. It was beautiful with its color placements, but a simple dress that should’ve done more.

Speaking of more, the lip-sync of “Suga Mama” by Beyonce was a full cup of more and then some.

Jasmine Kennedie and Maddy Morphosis were fueled by the energy of hating each other and wanting to send someone home. If only they had started their fights earlier in the round, we could’ve had the storyline and rising tension to add to the anticipation.

Maddy’s comedic take on the song was a good fight; many of her gestures got the judges to laugh, so she achieved her main goal. Plus, she matched up a song that wouldn’t typically be in her wheelhouse.

I’m gonna go a little more kooky. I think I’m gonna do a big babydoll. Just a big baby, like Jasmine.
[Jasmine laughs]

Daya Betty

On the other hand, Jasmine ate up the track with all her tricks. She threw everything and the kitchen sink to ensure that Maddy was the one going home. Her hair flips and sexy movements stole focus, but she should edit her routines for the future. She was all over the place.

Jasmine is a lip-sync assassin, so we need to brace ourselves if she ever ends up in the bottom again.

Last Thoughts From The Werk Room:

  • Kerri Colby’s mirror moment was so sad and heartbreaking. Hopefully, she’s surrounded by people who love and respect her now in her daily life.


  • The Pit Crew deserves a lot of kudos for playing around with the show’s gags. Like RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 14 Episode 5, they add to Drag Race’s fun.


  • Jorgeous should be thanking Angeria and luck for saving her in the competition. Her original dress would’ve sent her to the bottom.

Now, over to you, Drag Race fans!

What did you think of “Glamazon Prime”?

Are you shocked to see Maddy Morphosis go? What was your favorite look? Was Daya Betty bitter?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Justin Carreiro is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter.


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